Article: Why Singaporeans are leaving their roles

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Why Singaporeans are leaving their roles

What has been causing Singaporeans to leave their jobs?
Why Singaporeans are leaving their roles

A new study revealed that almost 8 in 10 employees in Singapore are reportedly willing to leave their roles to find better pay elsewhere, in an annual report by Hays.

In the report, many Singaporean workers were revealed to prioritise higher pay grade when looking to switch over to new job prospects.

Across all sectors, workers from the technology sector were considered most willing to leave their roles for better pay, with almost 8 in 10 employees believing that salary is a deal-breaker.

The report also showed that 7 in 10 employees from construction, health care and science, and the transport sector consider salary as the most important aspect when job hunting. 

Almost 8 in 10 Singaporean employees from the financial services and insurance sector also prioritise high salary as Singaporean employees consider switching employers for better compensation.

Employees who are facing challenges due to the rising costs of living are in dire need of better wages, which heavily influences their motivation to leave for other employers. 

When asked about the reasons, many employees actually feel heavily dissatisfied due to low salaries, as 5 in 10 Singaporean workers feel dissatisfied with their roles. 

While many Singaporean employees are leaving because of low salary, some of them admitted that they’re willing to leave their work because of new challenges arising within their organisations.

Many of them are confidently expecting a salary raise when they switch over to a new employer, as almost half of surveyed employees in the report said they’re looking for increased benefits as well. 

Employers may have to think of ways to retain talent if they want to assure their employees, such as offering better job flexibility and other working benefits. 

The report showed that half of employees in the Lion City are expecting their raise this year.

Workers from all around the world are also expecting a huge salary increase because of inflation, with over 8.3% on average, with 3 in 10 employees expecting a 10% increase, while 1 in 10 employees are expecting a boost of 15% in salary.

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