Article: How to navigate through uncertain times with a reframed mindset

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How to navigate through uncertain times with a reframed mindset

Positivity during daunting times will lift your spirits and that of those around you.
How to navigate through uncertain times with a reframed mindset

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll not only on the global economy but also on the mental health of many. With schools closed, travel suspended, loss of jobs and not to mention the rising number of cases, the negativity one may feel is natural. Such thoughts might leave you feeling emotionally drained, bringing your morale down. The uncertain and challenging times that loom ahead of us can leave our emotions going on a rollercoaster almost every day. So, how do we tackle this? Let us take a look at some tips that may come in handy while trying to navigate through uncertain times. 

The power of reframing your mind 

Such uncertain times call for a change in mindset. Understandably, anxiety, and fear might be some of your strongest feelings. They can make us feel overwhelmed and overreact in an otherwise simple scenario. People may try hiding their emotions – this may be alright for the short term but reframing your mind and perceiving the situation differently will help in the long run. While it is easier said than done, training your mind is key and it does well to bear in mind that it is not an overnight process.

Process your emotions and accept the situation

It is often said that ‘what we do not understand, we fear.’ As humans, it is only natural to respond to uncertain situations with fear. However, the fear might make you more distressed if you do not analyze your thoughts and emotions. Being self-aware is necessary during such times. Processing your emotions may help you achieve clarity and streamline your thoughts because without understanding your emotions, you will not be able to get rid of the negativity. Remember that you are in control of yourself and self-introspection will de-clutter your mind, allowing positivity and optimism to flow. 

Another important thing to do is to accept the situation. Acceptance can help you process your emotions and move away from any sort of negativity sooner. you needn’t feel helpless or alone. The pandemic is a problem that the entire world is facing. Also, remember that it is natural to feel vulnerable in such circumstances. Accept the reality and look for opportunities that will help you move forward. 

Avoid isolation

At a time when social distancing is necessary, it is important to know the difference between socially distancing yourself and isolating. While it may seem like you are all alone, that is not the case. Technology has grown leaps and bounds. Leverage it to its fullest potential to stay connected with your friends and family. We, humans, need to socialize for a healthy mental/emotional state and the lockdown can take a toll on that. Regularly interacting with loved ones can be a rich source of positivity and keep negativity and worry at bay. Sometimes, simple and regular interactions with family and friends may let you have a different take on situations by keeping loneliness at bay. 

Distractions are not always bad

in such unreliable scenarios, sometimes distractions can have a fruitful outcome. When you find yourself having low morale or feeling demotivated, avoid over-analyzing. Distract your train of thought by taking a break with some entertainment or a hobby that you might be pursuing. This will break the negative line of thought, enabling you to focus on what you are doing with a more optimistic attitude. 

Try to normalize your routine

While staying inside our homes for weeks, losing track of time and moving away from our routines is common. the currently daunting situation across the globe might make you feel you are out of control which isn’t necessarily true. Try to establish a set schedule for yourself and normalize things in your newly adopted routine within your home. Several organizations have asked their employees to work from home. If you are working from home, then try and find ways to help you stick to your usual routine. Shower and change into fresh clothes before starting your day. Adhering to a routine will help establish a sense of normalcy, giving you a feeling of control over your lifestyle.

Be compassionate 

During such times, it would do well to bear in mind that you may be far more blessed than some. Try to be compassionate and kind towards those who are less privileged. A simple act of kindness, especially in desperate situations may make a tremendous change in someone’s life. 

Taking learning out of this will help you even after the situation stabilizes. Accepting the situation does not mean you are giving up. Acceptance requires a lot of courage. Positive thinking is an abstract concept; we would not be able to drive away from our problems by merely thinking positively. To progress, you need feedback and action. Rising up to the situation will set you apart. 

Remember that although the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world and disrupted our lifestyles, how we respond to it matters the most. Choose to find meaning in the situation and avoid hiding or bottling up your emotions. Practicing resilience will help you progress and empower you in the longer run.


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