Article: Think Tank: Experts to assist leaders to shape the firm of the future at People Matters TechHRSG ’22


Think Tank: Experts to assist leaders to shape the firm of the future at People Matters TechHRSG ’22

Tag along with the best CHROs and business leaders from the SEA region to build the organisation of the future, only at People Matters Think Tank sessions.
Think Tank: Experts to assist leaders to shape the firm of the future at People Matters TechHRSG ’22

Being a business leader, the pressure of coming up with great ideas and new ways of approaching tasks can be a little overwhelming at times. Therefore, it becomes crucial to take a step back and look at the bigger picture with #FreshEyes. But amid day-to-day work routines, finding time to have brainstorming meetings can be a little tricky. That’s why People Matters is here to assist you to avoid work slumps and burning out with our stimulating Think Tank sessions. 

These sessions are designed to create innovative solutions to problems with the help of experts and business leaders from some of the most progressive organisations in the SEA region. So join us at Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022, and confront uncomfortable truths and persistent issues for the betterment of your organisation.

People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022 is happening at Marina Bay Sands on August 25, where you can be a part of the five sessions over a one-day schedule. Here, CHROs and business leaders will #Rethink work dilemmas with new perspectives and bring forth innovative ways to overcome challenges to turn them into core aspects of people strategy.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Becoming A Glocal Organisation

The concept of being global helped several industries to thrive. However, time has changed and so is the way, in which people functions. Now more than ever, we’re experiencing a shift, wherein organisations want to think globally but act locally. The idea of acting with global intent but with local adaptations may result in transnational success while maintaining local cultural authenticity.

In this Think Tank session, our panellists Rick Hammell, Founder & CEO, Atlas and Nadiah Tan Abdullah, CHRO, S P Setia Berhad, will brainstorm various processes to create, adapt and implement strategies for launching the product and services into new markets.

Find The Balance: Accountability Vs Flexibility

In recent times, we have seen more and more businesses and organisations embrace flexible work arrangements. While we know flexible work hours aren’t a productivity-killing perk, the question that leaders are asking is - how to be sure your flexible team members are performing at the level you expect? The answer is that it all comes down to accountability. 

However, enforcing a culture of accountability can be challenging. In this Think Tank session, speakers Jacely Voon, CPO, Fujifilm Business Innovation and Ruchika Pal, Group Head- Corporate HR, Apollo Tyres, will discuss how HR leaders can enable the employees to uphold their promises and stay on top of their responsibilities even if they aren’t in the office each day.

Building Organisational Resilience: Wellness Over Work 

The challenges of the Great Recession have put the concept of organisational resilience in the spotlight. With health and wellness becoming the topmost priority for people worldwide, employers are buckling up to help and safeguard their employees. However, considering the current situation where most organisations have adopted remote and hybrid working, employee engagement and well-being have become a challenging task. 

Monique Yong, CHRO, Columbia Asia and Darwin Rivers, Founder/President, Philippines HR Group, who are the speakers of this Think Tank session, will discuss how HR leaders can assist employees to overcome stress, presenteeism, burnout, mental health issues and many more challenges. 

Steadying Ahead, Overcoming Skills Gap

In the changing world of work, employers are facing a widening skills gap. But here’s the thing, the skill gap isn’t something that organisations can simply hire their way out of. While leaders do understand that the solution lies in learning and development strategies, many fail to create an opening to allow employees to properly utilise their skills.

In this Think Tank session, Ruby Jaucian, CHRO, Aboitiz Power Corporation, Sanchita Singh, Chief Capability and Culture Officer, Yum Restaurants and Charles H Ferguson, General Manager, APAC, Globalization Partners, will share their insights about how to ensure the employees are trained to deal with the challenges ahead so that organisations can stay ahead. 

The Role Of People And Organisation In ESG Drive

To measure sustainability, ethics and social impact of a company, environmental, social and governance are considered three of the central factors. By focusing on ESG in the workplace, organisations can do their part for the planet while also delivering improvements to employee engagement, innovation, productivity and driving business success.

In this Think Tank session, experts Vicky Chai, Former Group Head of People, Singlife with Aviva, Kunal Wadhwani, CHRO, Choithrams Group, Kiran Zaidi, CHRO, Director Asia Talent Management, Telenor and Na Boon Chong, Advisory Partner, Aon will answer questions like how are organisations using ESG principles in the workplace? Can one improve their workplace ESG? And why does it matter?

If you are a curious and revolutionary leader in search of answers to questions like how do we prepare for these unpredictable times, how can we reset the mindsets and incorporate the tools needed to adapt and develop, then People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022 is the perfect place to imagine what's possible in a post-pandemic world. So, to get over your fears and learn from the best in the business, register Now

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