Article: #Rewind2021 - Top read guest articles of the year


#Rewind2021 - Top read guest articles of the year

Check out the most read guest articles of 2021, curated only for you to read.
#Rewind2021 - Top read guest articles of the year

2021 saw the popularity of hybrid workplaces but the also shared a few lessons to remember for us all. Here, we look back to curate ten of this year's most read guest articles for every HR professionals to read during the holiday season.


Money Heist: A lesson for people managers 

The popular Netflix series focuses on the organization's key elements: talent acquisition, talent management, and business planning. Read more to find out.

What if your manager changes just before promotion?

How can any organisation or employee come out of this tough scenario? Find out how. 


Are stay interviews here to stay?

Are you prepared to say no to unreasonable requests? Do you refuse to take on problems beyond your control? Learn how to make stay conversations work during interviews.


Who does what ... matters!

As a start-up grows, their goals become more complex. They can't behave like a 200 person company, the way they did as a 50 person company. Who does what matters! Learn why.


Tokyo Olympics – Know differences, show differences!

Check out few inspiring D&I facts from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Read now.


Communication and problem solving: two critical leadership skills

Leaders who successfully navigated the pandemic, did not have any handy guidebook & no prior experience to draw ideas from. Find out how did they managed to build resilience.


Human Resource Trends 2021

So, what was in store in 2021? Rewind to find out.


Why HR needs to have high level of EQ?

Check out some of the ways HR’s Emotional Intelligence can create value for an organization.


What the world is doing right now is not REMOTE WORK, but work from home

Are you aware of what remote work is? And how can HR leaders embrace it while distinguishing it with work from home? Learn here for more details.


Problems faced at the workforce due to working from home

Check out some insights on what challenges employees are facing while working from home and how HR leaders can counter them. Read more to find out.


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