Article: Rapid Fire: Lead the way with Dave Ulrich


Rapid Fire: Lead the way with Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich, the Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at The RBL Group shares his perspectives on leadership, and more.
Rapid Fire: Lead the way with Dave Ulrich

One step that organizations should take to develop a leadership culture in their organizations?

Focus outside in and create an internal culture and leadership that reflects an external point of view of what you want your firm to be known for by your best customers (leadership brand; culture as a brand)

One thing that you consider as your strength and one thing that you would like to improve on?

I like to turn complex ideas and big messy problems into simple solutions and frameworks that lead to action. I would like to improve in my ability to make others feel better about themselves.

What should leaders do: create more leaders or create more followers and why?

Both.  A good leaders creates followers who then lead others and this becomes a virtuous cycle.

One thing that makes you passionate about your work?

Two things:  [1] having ideas and tools that add value to others and [2] learning and growing


Three key learnings that you have picked up from your team.

  • Trust others and they will likely rise to the occasion
  • It is great to have diversity among teammates
  • Share the problem and listen for the solution

What’s the one most important factor you consider when hiring someone?

Will they be completely honest. Will they learn and improve. 

What sort of leader would your team say that you are?

Not sure; have to ask them.  I hope empowering, dedicated, and supportive.

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