Article: Leaders and great minds to serve inspiration in heaps at People Matters EX Indonesia


Leaders and great minds to serve inspiration in heaps at People Matters EX Indonesia

Brace yourself to expect the unexpected as People Matters EX Indonesia is all set to bring you an abundance of unique experiences and opportunities to learn from industry experts such as Roma Tampubolon, Pambudi Sunarsihanto, Maris Rahadiyan, Dedev Parulian and Yenita Oktora.
Leaders and great minds to serve inspiration in heaps at People Matters EX Indonesia

The war for talent is raging on with record-high quit rates and issues like moonlighting. Yes, technology is a bright light for businesses because of its ability to improve productivity and performance, but no one can deny that people are the lifeblood of a company! Therefore, the value of talent has skyrocketed and employees have more power than ever before. As a result, employee experience has become the most critical data point for leaders. 

Over the past two years, all of us witnessed forced changes in how we work, collaborate and build company culture. That’s why it has become more crucial for leaders to understand how adversely these changes impact employees, both in their work and personal lives. Through EX Indonesia, People Matters aims to redefine what collaboration means in terms of the relationship between employees and human resources to further refine Employee Experience (EX). 

At People Matters EX Indonesia, we will put you in front of the leaders and experts who know the industry in and out. They will offer their valuable ideas on a variety of topics, to assist you to create an effective future workforce. So, join us at one of the largest conferences in Indonesia on November 3 at JW Marriott, Jakarta, where you get a chance to build a new era of employee experience with a human touch. Here are some of the global leaders, who have transformed their organisations in the past, all set to share their insights at the conference: 

Roma Tampubolon

Roma Tampubolon is the VP Human Capital at Bank Raya, Indonesia, who coaches managers and teams to help them drive success by maximising their strengths. With significant experience in global HR consulting firms like Gallup and Korn Ferry-Hay group, Tampubolon is exceptional at providing delegates with the top-quality training they need to enhance their skill sets. His transferable skills add value to businesses and support them to become enterprises from startups. Prior to joining Bank Raya, Roma worked in a wide range of training positions in Indonesian companies such as The Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott.

Pambudi Sunarsihanto

Pambudi Sunarsihanto is one of the best experts that the industry has to offer with outstanding experience in business transformations and talent management in the banking, FMCG, telecommunication and transportation industries. Currently working as Human Resources Director at Blue Bird Group, he has 25 years of international experience working in firms like Citibank, Danone, Telkomsel, Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks. Sunarsihanto is passionate about implementing best practices across industries to improve business performance. He completed his education in France, Finland, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, China and Indonesia. 

Maris Rahadiyan

Currently working as Human Resources Director at Cargill, Maris Rahadiyan is an organisational contributor, who helps leaders to create a structured package of new ideas to integrate the HR business process for businesses' high performance. Prior to Cargill, Rahadiyan was associated with several reputed companies, such as Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, Samsung Electronics, BlueScope Steel, Mercer, among others. 

Dedev Parulian 

Dedev Parulian is HR Head (Indonesia, PNG and Timor) & ASPAC IR Head at Ofi. Be it training, resourcing, industrial relations, organisation development or anything related to HR, Parulian can answer all your HR-related queries as he has a professional understanding of all facets of HR. Combining strong consulting skills with practical hands-on experience in FMCG, B2B, Agri Commodities and the Food Ingredients industry, his strength lies in delivering HR solutions from conception to implementation.

Yenita Oktora

Chief Human Resource Officer of L'Oreal, Yenita Oktora has over 18 years of HR experience. She graduated from the University of Indonesia and later joined L’Oreal in 2010 as the Recruitment and Integration Manager in Indonesia. She believes employees are the most important asset for her company as they play an important role in making the firm’s vision a reality. As the CHRO, she has been making L’Oreal, a great place to work and building the best talents for the future of the business. 

So, join us to meet these leaders and many more and get a chance to interact with them face-to-face as they share stories about transforming employee experience and the nitty-gritty of taking your business to greater heights at People Matters EX Indonesia, a first-of-its-kind employee experience conference on November 3 at JW Marriott. Learn and take home the best lessons that will help you re-architect the future of work! Register now.

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