Article: Igniting innovation: People Matters TechHR Startup Program revs up for another exciting season


Igniting innovation: People Matters TechHR Startup Program revs up for another exciting season

Startups continue to play a crucial role in shaping SEA’s work landscape by driving innovation, fostering economic growth, and creating job opportunities. With the aim of serving the startup community, TechHR Singapore 2024 proudly presents the People Matters Startup Program.
Igniting innovation: People Matters TechHR Startup Program revs up for another exciting season

Year after year, People Matters strives to explore the intersections between business, technology, and people transformation. This year, TechHR Singapore returns with a renewed purpose: to guide you from inspiration to action

This year, the People Matters TechHR Singapore 2024 will ignite a movement towards a future of work that is perched on the precipice of transformation, focusing on the pillars of speed, sustainability, and resilience. At Asia’s largest HR and work tech expo, set to take place on July 18, 2024, business and talent leaders, HR and work tech experts, and peers will come together and unravel a new future of work. 

Startups – injecting dynamism into SEA’s economy

Startups continue to play a crucial role in shaping SEA’s work landscape by driving innovation, fostering economic growth, and creating job opportunities. As engines of disruption, startups introduce new products, services, and business models that challenge traditional industries and spur competition. 

By injecting dynamism into SEA’s economy, startups have continued to attract investment and talent while also significantly contributing toward technological advancements and digital transformation of the region.

With the aim of serving the startup community, TechHR Singapore 2024 proudly presents the People Matters Startup Program, Asia's largest gathering of startups, VCs, investors, and work tech enthusiasts. In the rapidly growing South East Asian market, HR and work tech are gaining prominence, presenting tech innovators with an opportunity to revolutionise organisational practices. Despite facing historic challenges such as a competitive talent landscape and the rise of artificial intelligence, leaders must embrace innovation to thrive in the coming decade.

The People Matters Startup Program offers a unique platform for startups to showcase their innovation and receive firsthand feedback from investors and potential customers. 

What the startup program has in store 

Attendees at TechHR Singapore 2024 will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful interactions with leading HR mentors and investors, offering them the chance to expand their knowledge base and forge valuable connections. Here are some of the mentors who will be a part of the TechHR Startup program:

Daniel Callaghan, CEO & Co-Founder, Veremark

Callaghan is the visionary leader at the helm of Veremark, spearheading its journey to become a global powerhouse in the pre-employment screening and blockchain ID arena. With a philosophy centered on future potential rather than past backgrounds, Callaghan is pioneering a new era of talent assessment. He brings a unique blend of entrepreneurial acumen and corporate expertise, having thrived as both a venture-backed founder and a senior innovation leader at Fortune 500 companies. Along with being an internationally recognised author and sought-after keynote speaker, Callaghan loves to share his insights on HR technology, digital transformation, and the future of work. Moreover, he actively supports early-stage ventures as an angel investor and advisor in the HR tech and work tech space, contributing to the growth and innovation of the industry.

Jackson Ng, COO & CTO, Azimut Investment Management

A seasoned finance professional, tech enthusiast, and marketing aficionado, Jackson's expertise spans a diverse range of domains, from digital transformation and blockchain to data analytics and artificial intelligence. With a keen focus on fintech and wealthtech, he also delves into crucial areas such as cybersecurity, marketing strategies, and leadership development. Jackson is also deeply involved in wealth and investment management, family office dynamics, and the intricate process of wealth transfer to the next generation. Through collaboration and sharing insights, Jackson navigates the intersection of finance, technology, and marketing to drive innovation and empower individuals and organisations alike.

Chieh Suang Khor, Business Development Leader - VC & PE, NetSuite Oracle

Chieh Suang is an investor known for her analytical prowess and thoughtful insights. Beyond her keen eye for investment opportunities, Chieh Suang stands out for her generosity, encouragement, and willingness to offer valuable advice to founders and startups, aiding in their improvement and growth. With excellent interpersonal skills, Chieh played a crucial role in establishing an Intalio R&D center in Singapore, showcasing her dedication and expertise in the field. Furthermore, she is highly regarded for her extensive network, often connecting individuals with renowned investors and entrepreneurs. 

Hidekazu Ito, Managing Director, Mynavi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Hidekazu Ito has been driving transformative change in the realms of HR and education. With a mission to encourage growth and create shared value, Hide leads the charge in strategic investments and partnerships, positioning Mynavi as a formidable force in the Indian market. His leadership at the helm of this Japanese powerhouse has facilitated impactful collaborations with companies across India, fostering innovation and driving positive change. Through his strategic vision and unwavering commitment to creating shared value, Hide is reshaping the landscape of HR and education in India, propelling both industries towards a brighter future.

Norman Sasano, CTO, DANA Indonesia

Norman is an accomplished technology leader with over two decades of experience driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions. Currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at DANA Indonesia, Norman leads a dynamic team in building and managing cutting-edge platforms for over 180 million users. He's recognised as a top Fintech CTO and ASEAN CIO, with expertise in software engineering, AI, data science, and cybersecurity. Norman's entrepreneurial ventures include co-founding successful tech startups. With a strong academic background and a passion for athletics, he combines technical prowess with strategic vision to drive impactful change and inspire others.

Dr CJ Meadows, Director, i2e – The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center, SP Jain School of Global Management

Meet Dr. CJ Meadows, a distinguished leader recognized as one of Asia's Top-10 Women in IT. As the head of an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at S P Jain School of Global Management, a Forbes Top-20 International Business School, she pioneers growth initiatives at the nexus of IT, business strategy, and design. Dr. Meadows' expertise spans a wide array of disciplines, including Design Thinking, Leadership, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and the Future of Work and Education. Beyond academia, she co-founded and chairs a corporation dedicated to tiger conservation and sustainable economic growth. With a Doctorate in Business Administration & IT from Harvard Business School and over 25 years of global experience, Dr. Meadows brings a wealth of knowledge as a consultant, coach, entrepreneur, and Accenture IT & Business Strategy consultant.

Krating Poonpol, Group Chairman, Kasikorn Business-Technology Group

Krating Poonpol is spearheading technological innovation at KBank, one of Southeast Asia's largest banks. With over 2,700 employees and a significant annual technology budget, Krating has led KBTG's transformation, doubling IT delivery, expanding into new markets, and delivering groundbreaking innovations like Khunthong and Make. Under his leadership, KBTG has been recognised as the Best Company To Work For in Thailand and Asia for four consecutive years, boasting high employee engagement and lower attrition rates than industry averages. Krating's influence extends beyond banking; as a founding partner of multiple ventures and an early investor in unicorn startups like FinAccel and Opn/Omise, he continues to drive innovation and support startups globally. 

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