Article: Ester Martinez on adaptability in crisis


Ester Martinez on adaptability in crisis

She mentioned that adaptability is about solving the problems and embrace the messiness.
Ester Martinez on adaptability in crisis

Ester Martinez, CEO and Editor-In-Chief People Matters started her welcome address at TechHR 2020 by sharing the hurdles we have crossed to bring this conference for everyone across the globe and how the pandemic changed everything that we planned. 

She started her keynote with a message of gratitude by thanking leaders across the world for adapting the change and still committed to learn and contribute. 

The People Matters TechHR is based on the theme ‘Great Reset’ which has three pillars i.e Adaptable now, Adaptable Next, and Adaptable Tech. 

She said, “Adaptable now is about solving the current problems. Adaptable next is about looking at silver linings opportunity for tomorrow and Adaptable tech is about Leveraging technology as an opportunity to accelerate the change.” 


Setting the context of the theme she asked three questions to the audiences to reset the new standard. 

What are the inevitable trends impacting us?

There’s an unimaginable humanitarian crisis and with so many deaths, there's a human impact of COVID. 

When the audience was asked about the inevitable trends that are impacting us, some of the responses were AI, People, technology, work from home, automation, analytics, and digitization. 

What business are we in?

“It is about enabling each of you to become the answer to your business and impact your business.”

How do we become antifragile? 

Antifragile is messy but we need to embrace this messiness, shared Ester.

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