Article: ‘By prioritising investments in cutting-edge tech, we ensure innovation is woven into our operational fabric’


‘By prioritising investments in cutting-edge tech, we ensure innovation is woven into our operational fabric’

In an insightful interview with the CFO of Endowus, Dominic Ong shared how the leading digital wealth platform in Asia is balancing speed and agility with sustainability and resilience.
‘By prioritising investments in cutting-edge tech, we ensure innovation is woven into our operational fabric’

By integrating advanced technologies and fostering a culture of innovation alongside robust risk management, organisations across industries are aiming to balance rapid adaptation to cutting-edge technology with long-term stability.

In an insightful interview with the CFO of Endowus, Dominic Ong shared how the leading digital wealth platform in Asia is balancing speed and agility with sustainability and resilience. 

Ong shared effective strategies and best practices that highlight Endowus's commitment to thriving in the dynamic fintech and wealthtech landscape.

Here are some excerpts from the interview: 

Balancing speed and agility with sustainability and resilience can be challenging for businesses. How does Endowus approach this balance, and what strategies have you found to be most effective?

At Endowus, we strategically manage the balance between speed and agility with sustainability and resilience. This is done through collaboration with subject matter experts, coupled with robust oversight. We work closely with BU heads (subject matter experts) in critical cost-intensive areas like marketing, systems & IT — especially cloud services — to create a proactive and responsive environment. 

By empowering leaders in these departments to make swift decisions, we ensure that our operations can quickly adapt to changing market conditions without compromising rigorous cost control and performance monitoring, facilitated by financial analysis done by our Finance team. This work plays a pivotal role in supporting our operational heads, providing them with the insights and financial frameworks necessary to optimise decision-making and maintain fiscal discipline in their spends.

Furthermore, the alignment of interests across the company is reinforced by ESOP compensation for all Endowus employees, but especially our C-suite. This not only motivates all our staff, at every level,  to pursue the long-term success of Endowus, but also ensures that the top executives’  decisions are deeply aligned with the company's overall health and sustainability.

How does Endowus prioritise innovation and adaptation in a rapidly evolving technological landscape while ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience?

Here are the key strategies we employ to ensure our adaptation initiatives are both innovative and sustainable:

  • Strategic Integration of Technology: We ensure our tech investments are aligned with the overarching business objectives. This involves close collaboration with the product and engineering departments to develop a unified digital strategy and budget that enhances customer experience, and drives innovation.

  • Agile and Data-Driven Decision Making: We have adopted agile budgeting practices to match our delivery needs, moving away from rigid annual planning cycles. This flexibility allows us to adjust to technological advancements and changing market demands.

  • Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technologies: Endowus integrates advanced digital technologies, including cloud computing, big data analytics, API integration with systems like Morningstar, and artificial intelligence. These tools empower us to deliver personalised financial advice and ensure that our portfolio offerings are best-in-class and individually tailored to meet diverse client needs, while allowing us to scale our services efficiently.

How do you foster an organisational culture that encourages innovation and risk management, allowing the company to move quickly while maintaining stability?

Some of our key strategies to foster a culture that champions innovation and robust risk management include: 

Leadership and Visionary Thinking: Our leadership team drives a culture of innovation backed by extensive experience. They encourage and guide their teams to innovate within perimeters,  understanding the intricacies of managing the risks and challenges inherent in a tightly-regulated financial industry

Integration of Advanced Technologies: By prioritising investments in cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, AI, and big data analytics, Endowus ensures that innovation is woven into our operational fabric. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making: At the core of our risk management strategy is the reliance on data-driven insights. By utilising comprehensive analytics in real time, we make informed decisions and adjustments that balance potential risks with expected returns. 

Collaborative Environment: We promote a collaborative environment where cross-departmental teams work together to develop and refine innovative solutions. This collaboration extends to compliance and risk management, where diverse perspectives help identify potential pitfalls and craft more resilient strategies. Cross-functional collaboration is also encouraged through specific initiatives such as company offsites and regular hackathons. 

Again, compensation via Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP), which all employees receive when they join Endowus is an important lever for the company. With a thoughtfully designed, flexible, and transparent share ownership programme, we hope to empower our employees to understand how stock-linked compensation can impact their long-term wealth goals, while simultaneously nurturing a collective sense of responsibility and ownership in the company’s future. This compensation strategy aligns founders’ and employees’ interests with the long-term success of the company. 

How does Endowus leverage technology and data analytics to optimise processes and decision-making? 

Endowus extensively leverages technology and data analytics to optimise processes and enhance decision-making, enabling a small number of advisors to efficiently manage a large and diverse client base. Key technologies and strategies that facilitate this include:

Cutting-edge Tech Stack:

Cloud technology is fundamental to our operational infrastructure. The cloud enables us to manage costs effectively and roll out new products and features efficiently. Further, APIs play a critical role at Endowus by facilitating the integration of various financial and investment platforms.  This capability allows for efficient and scalable portfolio management tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Digital Marketing and Client Automation:

We use digital marketing tools and client automation systems to streamline client acquisition and engagement processes. These technologies ensure that client interactions are both personalised and efficient, enhancing the overall client experience while optimising resource allocation. By strategically using technology and data analytics, Endowus not only optimises its internal processes but also provides superior service to its clients, maintaining a high standard of wealth management solutions.

With the pace of technological change accelerating, how does Endowus ensure that its business strategies remain adaptable and resilient in the face of uncertainty and disruption?

Endowus ensures its business strategies remain adaptable and resilient by taking a multi-faceted approach. 

We remain dedicated to maintaining relevance by continually expanding our offerings across key geographies, segments, and products. Starting as a B2C platform in Singapore, we've since extended our product offering to Hong Kong and are also in the process of developing a B2B offering. Endowus partners 80+ global fund managers across public markets, private markets, hedge funds and alternatives to provide world-class solutions to a broad spectrum of  clients at a fair and transparent cost, delivered through Endowus’ fee-only business model. 

Strengthening client relationships is paramount, achieved through digital engagement via marketing and client automation tools, ensuring personalised services and real-time feedback for strategy adjustments. Wealthtech platforms are uniquely placed to build stickiness and digitally-enabled two-way relationships with clients.

Our commitment to continuous technological innovation enables us to anticipate and react swiftly to market changes and regulatory updates, which we then share with our clients in real-time to keep them informed and motivated. Through data-driven decision-making, analysing client behavior, investment performance, and market trends, we ensure robust risk management and proactive/reactive decision-making processes. Strategic partnerships with leading financial and technology firms keep us at the forefront of innovation, providing access to new technologies and industry insights for adjusting strategies promptly and effectively in response to emerging challenges.

Can you share any lessons learned or best practices from Endowus's journey in balancing speed and agility with sustainability and resilience that may be valuable for other organisations facing similar challenges?

The following best practices highlight the importance of integrating agility and resilience into the core operational strategy. By focusing on these areas, other organisations can enhance their ability to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing business environment effectively.

Maintain Strong Stakeholder Alignment and Communication:

Regular and transparent communication with all stakeholders, including employees, clients, and partners, can ensure everyone is aligned with the company’s goals and is aware of ongoing changes. This alignment helps manage expectations and facilitate smoother transitions during periods of change. Endowus achieves this through regular, twice-monthly company townhalls led by our co-founders and various BU heads. We also utilise platforms like Slack for company-wide announcements and business updates. 

Embrace Agile Practices:

Adopting agile methodologies across product and engineering has proven crucial for maintaining speed and responsiveness. This allows for quicker adjustments to strategies based on real-time data and external changes, facilitating rapid deployment of new services or modifications to existing ones without compromising on quality or strategic alignment.

Focus on Security and Compliance:

As technologies evolve, so do the threats associated with them. Implementing robust security measures and ensuring compliance as per the latest regulations are vital for sustaining long-term trust and stability. This proactive approach to security and compliance safeguards the company against potential risks and disruptions.

Looking ahead, what do you see as the key priorities for Endowus in maintaining a balance between speed, agility, sustainability, and resilience to drive continued business growth in 2024 and beyond?

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, our priorities include geographical expansion, developing and strengthening our strategic partnerships, exploring potential M&A to accelerate growth, as well as fundraising. 

We are also focused on exploring emerging technologies and fostering an environment that continues to prioritise innovation, ensuring that Endowus remains at the forefront of the wealth tech industry.

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