Article: Will 2023 be the year of the employee: A chance to tell your story

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Will 2023 be the year of the employee: A chance to tell your story

Employees have been at the center of rapid business change in the past few years. Amidst unprecedented workplace evolution, here is your opportunity to share your experiences and your expectations from 2023.
Will 2023 be the year of the employee: A chance to tell your story

People and technology could possibly be the most important focus areas for employers this year. Today, employee experience and employee-centric policies are pivotal in deciding organizational goals. This translates into a more comprehensive approach towards employees and creating a culture of growth through effective leadership, upskilling workforce and robust hiring. 

A Gartner report on Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023 shows both the rising importance of employee experience and supporting organizational change and growth as critical HR priorities.  

Balancing the urgency of supporting business growth while maintaining a positive employee experience delineates the crossroads of technology, and the future of work HR leaders stand today. A crossroads where old rules of engagement and interaction are fast evolving into newer, more digital forms. And one where organizational agility and employee experience are both central drivers of success. 

As companies hope to scale newer heights quicker, it's critical that people are at the center of the journey. Building an environment of growth and development and providing holistic well-being initiatives have been major focus areas to ensure people are productive and engaged with their work and company. Remote work today is a crucial part of how people operate, and as a result, companies have grown to address the need for flexibility among employees. But questions still remain. Are companies doing enough?  

Today's tumultuous nature of business and work means employee preferences, hopes, and behaviors are in flux. While flexibility and empowerment have been major themes in the post-pandemic world of work, the ensuing recession and business disruptions have caused many to rethink priorities. And while companies are trying to keep up with evolving employee preferences, differing priorities are leading to a disconnect. A disconnect that can only be bridged by listening to what employees think and feel.  

It’s time to pause and listen to what employees have to say. Only then can organizations truly understand employee challenges and assess the success of their people management practices. As 2023 brings newer talent changes, it's time to share your experience and let your voice be heard by top business and HR leaders across APAC.   

And what better way to start than with Asia's most extensive HR evolution research study?  

The HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Empower and Evolve is a People Matters and Darwinbox research study that takes a deep dive into employee experience at the workplace and hopes to unpack your dreams and aspirations in 2023. Here’s an opportunity for employees across Asia to share their thoughts, experiences and expectations through an extensive survey.  

Your input is invaluable and can help shape the future of your company. As companies continue to evolve, it's time we listen directly to the employees about how they are being enabled to deal with digital exhaustion, upskilling demands, need for more flexibility and work-life balance, to further empower the people they work with and ensure their work experience remains positive. 

The HR Evolution Perspectives 2023 is your chance to share your experience and ensure they are noted. Participate in the study and help create the empowering workplace of tomorrow. 

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