Article: Top evolving HR tech trends to watch out for in 2023

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Top evolving HR tech trends to watch out for in 2023

The pandemic led us to re-evaluate our business processes; however, one positive thing that came out of that experience was the impact that technology left on diversity and inclusion practices and policies.
Top evolving HR tech trends to watch out for in 2023

In the era of connected technologies, employees have become an integral part of business processes. The perspective of employees has become the core focus for implementing changes, and the need for systematic HR work has become more urgent. With the advent of hybrid working models, people management practices have started to leverage innovative technologies to conduct efficient business and create a collaborative, productive, and engaging work environment. It goes without saying that the HR department is seamlessly adapting to technology and integrating it into its strategy to drive operational excellence and make an impact. In addition, new technologies have helped streamline HR functions, from hiring the right talent to training and retaining them. This whole transformation is about aligning technology and processes with the company’s mission and goals, which in turn is useful for staying ahead of the curve and making smarter decisions.

Emerging technologies that play a crucial role in human resources

After the Covid-19 outbreak, emerging technologies like AI, ML, and automation have had a significant impact on how work is done. The last three years of disruption has paved the way for more innovation in how HR leverages tech, which has helped drive employee engagement, leading to talent retention and increased productivity. Some tools and next-gen innovations that have helped streamline the process and have had various benefits across different aspects of HR are mentioned below.

Artificial intelligence is the new normal: AI has played an important role in the HR industry as it tracks critical metrics and captures insights and details right from employees joining the organisation to leaving it.  

Automation with HR virtual assistants: Virtual assistants or chatbots have made a huge impact in the field of HR. From scheduling interviews to providing quick responses, chatbots have saved a lot of manual time for HR professionals. The whole recruitment process is turning into an automated system.

Blockchain applications for HR strategies: Blockchain technology helps encrypt the data and automate the process. From creating contracts that allow payroll to automate the transaction process to allowing vendors or contractors to encrypt employee data and share it in the tokenized form if needed, blockchain focuses on streamlining the process without much manual assistance.

 The future of technologies in HR 

Office functions have changed drastically. Now, technology drives all our processes and communications. Due to this rapid transformation, traditional HR practices are becoming less relevant. And these cutting-edge technologies are proving to offer a collaborative work environment and make a significant impact on the employees.

Metaverse is for everyone: Switching to work from office to home and now a hybrid working environment has been quite challenging. But adopting Metaverse can transform the experience, making it the perfect tool to collaborate efficiently. This emerging technology is an opportunity to bridge the gap between physical and virtual offices.

The well-being of the workforce is mandatory: Employees' well-being is the top priority for organisations as their wellness and health directly impact productivity and performance. Since technology is becoming very promising, wearable devices and constant health check-ups will become even more critical in 2023 and beyond. Companies must remain nimble and revamp strategies as per employees’ feedback to improve their wellness initiatives.

Cloud-based HR System is in: Storing data in the cloud makes it accessible in real-time from anywhere. The cloud-based tools help HR make well-informed decisions with the help of such easily available data. Hence, investing in a cloud-based HR system will help further ensure a data-driven work culture. Such an approach comes with numerous benefits in onboarding, hiring, appraisals, leadership development, and more.

Digital learning and development should be the ultimate goal: Creating an engaging employee experience at an organisational level is essential. Offering customised digital learning opportunities will lead to upskilled and motivated employees which ultimately result in lower attrition rates. Thus, in 2023, HR should initiate the implementation of continuous learning sessions through mobile and desktop applications which will also help remote-working employees to upskill at their own time and speed.

Make processes efficient with automation: Undoubtedly, automation is the point of focus now. And with the help of cutting-edge technology, we can look at making processes like hiring, retention, and talent management more efficient. This will also help reduce costs, save time, and build a robust ecosystem.

Technology’s influence on HR is here to stay

The pandemic led us to re-evaluate our business processes; however, one positive thing that came out of that experience was the impact that technology left on diversity and inclusion practices and policies. Rising remote working opportunities and rapid digitalization led organizations to quickly adopt new tools that helped support diversity, inclusivity, and engagement. Additionally, the right technology now also helps drive initiatives and effectively measure their success rates by analyzing and tracking their progress.

The influence of technology on HR is going to play a significant role in the upcoming years. The HR industry will witness technology bridging the gap between employers and employees, aligning the workforce, and making it robust and sound. And to create a collaborative and better workplace now, innovative frameworks, data-driven models, and adapting to modern technology will help steer engaging and progressive employee experiences.

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