Article: The blueprint of excellence for building exceptional HR Teams: TechHRSG Linkedin Live

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The blueprint of excellence for building exceptional HR Teams: TechHRSG Linkedin Live

In the current landscape, organisations need to maximise the capabilities of their HR departments to cultivate sustainable growth and success that goes beyond routine operations and yearly goals. In light of these circumstances, what defines an exceptional HR team?
The blueprint of excellence for building exceptional HR Teams: TechHRSG Linkedin Live

As Gen-AI-driven automation continues to optimize HR processes, the role of talent partners within organisations, akin to other professions, will evolve towards strategic planning, collaboration, and enhancing employee experiences.

Today's organisations must leverage the full potential of their HR functions to foster enduring growth and prosperity, transcending mere operational needs and annual objectives. Given these dynamics, what characterises a high-performing HR team?

To find the answers, we recently organised a LinkedIn Live session as a precursor to People Matters Tech HR Singapore, where Marc Effron, Author & President, of The Talent Strategy Group joined in with PM’s CEO Ester Martinez to discuss how to craft a top-tier HR team which necessitates a strategic blueprint encompassing vision, talent, culture, leadership, and innovation.

Here are some key insights from the session:

Connecting Businesses with Talent Strategy 

Passion is quintessential to developing the strategy of connecting business with talent strategy. A lot of HR professionals in modern times love the people but don't love the business and that is something which needs to change in the current world of work. HR professionals need to manage both and proactive take an interest in the inner workings of the businesses.  

This would enable HR professionals to expand their purview on the situations that can be converted into opportunities. For example, the layoffs happening in the IT industry could be converted into an opportunity to hire those who can be considered good talent for their organisation.

As an HR professional, we can add value by knowing the business well. This can help translate the business requirements into people requirements.-  Marc Effron, Author & President, The Talent Strategy Group

Brawn could be easily replaced through Gen-AI & Automation. Brain power is what HR professionals need to focus on by developing their passion for the business and its requirements. Some of the questions that every HR professional needs to ask themselves are, for example, how is their job on the line? How can they add more value to their role? Which role interests them to transition in case their role gets replaced?

The idea is to look at your HR role from the technological perspective and develop agility to make decisions for yourself and the company.

HR vs HR - The challenges

Infighting in HR is infamous among many organisations. COE vs HRBP, and regional HRs vs Corporate HRs, are some of the instances where HR professionals become the roadblock to their fellow HR professionals. The teams have yet to figure out ways to play with each other and work together for the greater good of the businesses they are in.

Effron recommended HR leaders create two lists of discussion, one which contains 4 points on why HR comes in between other HR and another about how can HR align itself with the business. The HR teams from both sides need to come together and strategise so that they can align themselves from the business end.

Hence, the HR leaders from both sides must start aligning their agendas, support each other mutually and most importantly, make sure that both teams don’t get into each other's way!

HR can deliver value to the business by aligning collectively to think about what is important, decide the metrics to create "promises" and work on providing outcomes for those ‘promises’.  - Marc Effron, Author & President, The Talent Strategy Group

Vitality of Employee Experience while Aligning HR Strategies

Post-pandemic strategies on employee experience have evolved a lot in terms of applications and outcomes. The current world of work covers employees with diverse experiences and that is something to be considered when figuring out people strategies for them. HR professionals need to ask themselves if they understand the demands of these situations and also if they have the resources to figure out the right solution. ‘Fair deal’ should be kept in mind for the employees involved and businesses could induce people-centric ideas to figure out the ever-changing expectations in the new world of work. 

The session concluded with Effron sharing what ‘Inspiration to Action’ means to him. His key takeaways were: 

  • Focus on singular ideas that matter instead of a scattergun approach. 
  • Focus on the idea so that the outcome of the action is simple and effective.
  • Radically simplify how the talent organisation are run.

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