Article: HR force behind our transformation from a telco to a tech company, says Telekom Malaysia’s Sarinah Abu Bakar

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HR force behind our transformation from a telco to a tech company, says Telekom Malaysia’s Sarinah Abu Bakar

As part of our HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Experts Take series, we sat with Sarinah Abu Bakar from Telekom Malaysia to learn about how she is driving agility and EX.
HR force behind our transformation from a telco to a tech company, says Telekom Malaysia’s Sarinah Abu Bakar

Building on the insights from the HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Empower and Evolve research study, our exclusive interview series brings together top leaders across Asia-Pacific to get a deeper understanding of the findings from one of the biggest workplace transformation studies in the region.  

The Darwinbox and People Matters’ landmark report is the largest study of its kind in the region, gathering responses from over 1,200 HR practitioners, 350 CXOs and around 1,500 employees. It brings together both employer and employee voices to showcase evolving priorities and enable strategic change. 

“This study is centred around how Asian organisations are gearing up to support HR transformation and how technology is playing the role of a catalyst in driving this change,” says Vikrant Khanna, Global Head - Value Management, Advisory & Solutions, Dawinbox.

First in the series, we spoke to Sarinah Abu Bakar, Chief Human Capital Officer, Telekom Malaysia about:  

  • Key growth drivers for HR across APAC

  • Talent strategies for smooth business transformation

  • Factors to keep in mind while implementing talent strategies that drive EX and agility

  • Roadblocks in leveraging HR technology for positive business outcomes and ways to overcome challenges

Culture is key in achieving transformation

“When it comes to people, we see culture play a big role. We introduce a new culture statement that translates into ‘our way’ and this includes the behaviours that we want the organisation, the employees to have, so that we can have that culture transformation,” shares Sarinah of Telekom Malaysia.

As technology evolves, agility and adaptability for employees play a crucial role. “We ingrain strong tech culture into every part of our operations and we foster that growth mindset and create an environment where employees are empowered to drive transformation,” says Sarinah.

Today, HR is the force behind the fundamental mindset shift that has helped Telekom Malaysia transition from a telecom company to a technology company.

Making learning accessible for employees

Employees need to be taken care of equally as customers. “We (Telekom Malaysia) make employees have access to learning at the fingertips, anywhere, so that they have an equal opportunity for learning to make employee experience better,” adds Sarinah.

Today, the HR model is fast evolving just as the needs and preferences of employees have changed. Digitising the experience for employees has indeed become indispensable to free up HR for more strategic things.

“We encourage HR to look at the challenges and opportunities of improvement, be a problem solver, to automate or digitally resolve a problem,” says Sarinah.

Building a talent-ready organisation

“We look at HR as an enabler and business partner to understand and deliver the strategies effectively. And building a talent strategy is the only way to achieve this,” explains Sarinah, adding that “people are the biggest differentiator” for any organisation.

Telekom Malaysia is focused on having an agile and adaptive talent strategy to align with its business objectives. To watch the full interview click here.

To download the full version of the HR Evolution Perspectives: Empower and evolve edition, please click here. 

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