Article: Charting the evolution of HR in 2023

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Charting the evolution of HR in 2023

HR Evolution Perspectives 2023 is the most extensive study across Asia, charting the evolution journey of HR across the region. Participate and help shape the voice that defines critical areas of talent management in 2023.
Charting the evolution of HR in 2023

Forecasts of a global recession, a world of work still under transition, and an ever-evolving nature of workforce preferences have forced many to return to their drawing boards. Yet, as leaders chart the growth journey of this new year, one thing is certain: HR practitioners have a critical role to play in defining a successful 2023.  

HR leaders have been at the forefront of evolution over the last few years, enabling business agility and resilience in the face of uncertainty during the Covid-19 age. In the post-pandemic business world, many innovated and adopted newer, more relevant ways to hire, engage and retain talent. Challenges like the spread of hybrid work and the dissolution of old talent pools were converted into opportunities to engage better, and address skills demand.  

But with the war for talent spilling over to 2023 and employee demands around holistic well-being, flexibility, and empowerment in an uncertain business environment being stronger than ever, the new year poses newer challenges for the HR world to overcome. Here’s your chance to shape the voice that defines critical areas of talent management in 2023. Participate in the HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Empower & Evolve study

Asia's largest HR agility and evolution research study in 2023 

To decode the factors that will define how agile companies are in 2023, People Matters and Darwinbox present HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Empower & Evolve. A first-of-its-kind research study that will delve deep into understanding the hopes and concerns of HR practitioners across Asia and help many understand how 2023 is poised to evolve.  

As HR leaders and influencers deal with economic pressures, global supply chain disruptions, scarce and expensive talent, many are rethinking old ways of working and improving existing talent management practices. With a greater focus on employee experience, tech transformation, and change management, many are poised to write their own story to Empower and Evolve for 2023.  

 While the talent challenges that decision makers and leaders face are ubiquitous, their journey towards enabling organisational agility and unlocking competitive advantage remains unique to the context of their businesses. The HR Evolution Perspectives 2023 will help unravel the critical talent strategies companies across the board are putting in place to mitigate the impact of economic disruptions and leverage newer opportunities to forge a culture of empowerment, collaboration, and success. But the first step in charting the HR journey towards agility and greater business success is listening to you.  

 Let your voice be heard 

Among the many lessons to be learned from the pandemic was breaking silos and learning from each other to address larger challenges. Businesses survived, and became profitable again, by looking around and learning from each other's talent practices. These talent innovations enabled companies to navigate the uncertain waters of the pandemic successfully.  

Stepping into 2023, it's essential to keep sharing and learning from each other's journey towards empowerment and evolution. The HR Evolution Perspectives 2023 survey aims to gather inputs and deliver insights on critical factors influencing an organisation's ability to manoeuvre and win over change and its ability to empower its people. 

Participate now to become part of an initiative that helps you understand the problems of 2023 better and provides you actionable insights into improving agility and employee experience. Understand how the market is evolving and where you stand vis-à-vis industry standards and decode what factors will empower you to win in the future

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