Article: Emerging HR Tech Startups | People Matters TechHR SEA Startup Program 2021


Emerging HR Tech Startups | People Matters TechHR SEA Startup Program 2021

The workplace challenges presented by 2020 gave rise to accelerated innovation in the space of HR technology. What are some of these innovations and who are these innovators? Here’s a peek into some of the top HR tech startups joining the People Matters TechHR SEA Startup Program 2021.
Emerging HR Tech Startups | People Matters TechHR SEA Startup Program 2021

HR tech was a growing market pre-pandemic, and remained a matter of debate for many talent leaders - to invest or not to invest. However, with the challenges brought forth as a consequence of prolonged remote working, HR tech has found the perfect opportunity to reset the way work is performed, managed, assessed, and improved, with smart tools and technology.

Just a month away from showcasing some of the leading worktech startups of today, People Matters Tech HR SEA Startup Program 2021 brings to you the first set of these smart innovators who aspire to tackle the people challenges that persist today with the right mindset and technology. These leading innovators will get a chance to pitch their solutions to investors, buyers and their peers at the People Matters TechHR SEA Startup Program.

The worktech market has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last twelve months, building value and delivering new-age solutions for existing and emerging workforce concerns. Who are the enablers of this shift and what do they have in store for talent and business leaders? Find out only at People Matters Tech HR SEA Startup Program 2021. Here’s a look at some of the emerging HR tech startups joining us at the Conference:


Year of launch: 2017

Headquarters: Singapore

Founded by Nina Alag Suri, X0PA AI offers B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables people decisions through predictive analytics on big data. Using AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), X0PA automates routine tasks and offers predictive analytics and data-driven insights, bringing productivity and efficiency of selections at scale. X0PA's solutions are highly customizable for varied use cases across enterprise, SME, academia and government sectors.

X0PA saves up to 87% in time and 50% in cost to hire, saving companies thousands of dollars from wrong hires. X0PA’s solutions also enhance objectivity in selections as well as candidate engagement, ultimately enhancing employer branding.  

X0PA’s solutions can work stand-alone or can integrate to other Applicant Tracking, HR or CRM systems for a seamless experience. It can also be easily plugged into an employee database or HRIS for internal hiring, career progression, succession planning and the like.  


Year of launch: 2019

Headquarters : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Founded by Camelia Loh & Daniel Yap, Kabel is a mobile career platform that humanizes recruitment by connecting line managers and jobseekers directly to discover expectations, shared goals and values. Unlike traditional job boards, Kabel is powered by a proprietary algorithm that only suggests relevant candidates and jobs based on skills matching. This provides limitless opportunities for jobseekers to look beyond their horizons, and also allow hirers to hire beyond their predefined talent pool and get people from diverse backgrounds.

Uncap Research Labs

Year of launch: 2018

Headquarters: Gurgaon

Gaurav Gaur (Founding Member & Chief of Programs) and Naveen Chaudhary (Founding Member & Chief of Business), incubated Uncap Research Labs with a mission to build great recruiting experiences. 

Uncap provides the world's first real time feedback advisory platform for candidates searching for product engineering roles, while organizations can have a self-service career page on a click with personalized machine curated recommendations for candidates. 

The organization has two business focus areas:

  • linkzy - api powered platform to create career page with real time job advisory for candidates as soon as "Apply" is hit. 
  • deciphy - talent discovery service, focussed on open houses based engagement.


Year of launch: 2020

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC, USA

ResumeSieve was founded by Dr. Mohan Kakar, Abha Mallya, Venkat Mallya, Jerry Lepore and Michael Yinger

ResumeSieve is a SaaS based company in the HR Tech space. Their first application (The Sieve™) was launched recently and aims to dramatically reduce the time needed to evaluate and rank resumes at the front end of the recruiting process. Their primary focus is on the small to mid-sized who do not have ready access to technology.

People Matters Tech HR SEA Startup Program 2021 is all geared up to set the ball rolling on the trailblazers of worktech, investment, mentorship and everything in between!

Excited? We are too! Come join us at People Matters TechHR SEA Startup Program and enlist yourself in a community of innovators as you fasttrack your growth in the new worktech paradigm!

To register for the People Matters TechHR startup program from 5th to 7th May, click here.

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