Article: What do employees really want? Find answers and thrive in the Great Power Shift at PM Employee Experience Indonesia 22

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What do employees really want? Find answers and thrive in the Great Power Shift at PM Employee Experience Indonesia 22

Join us at People Matters EX Indonesia 22 for a riveting, insightful clash of cutting-edge ideas to design an Employee Experience like never before, combining business, people-centricity and sustainability.
What do employees really want? Find answers and thrive in the Great Power Shift at PM Employee Experience Indonesia 22

As the world of work evolves in unprecedented ways, one thing is certainly true about the talent economy: employees are no longer looking for a paycheck as they take up job roles and responsibilities. Instead, the driving desire is culture, collaboration, communication, fun, and innovation backed by stability and consistent growth. Inevitably, this means that leaders, changemakers, stakeholders and technology experts need to come together to envision what this could look like as they chart organisational growth trajectories and envision leaping to 10x in the business landscape. But setting on this journey to redefine and reimagine employee experience for the future of work can often be daunting and an uphill battle that one must not traverse alone.

We at People Matters, the nerve centre of People and Work, recognise this and bring you an exclusive People Matters Employee Experience Conference at none other than in Indonesia. With over 30 sessions led by over 20 industry leaders and domain experts, this event promises to open doors for EXperiencing the never EXperienced EXchange of ideas. By bringing together communities that are engaged in different levels and domains in the larger talent economy, this is one event that uncovers broad trends and innovative perspectives and practices that can empower you to design new-age, impactful employee journeys and experiences. What’s more, it sheds light on some of the burning employee aspirations critical to your EX impact and success. Some of these are as follows:

Leading your EX and EVP with a larger mission and purpose

With employees today actively seeking purpose in their job and also looking into the ESG practices of the businesses they work at, it is imperative today that leaders not only communicate this mission, vision and purpose at the initial stage of hiring but also embed it into the everyday operation of the organisation. Moreover, they must continuously show their employees how their daily operations contribute to the organisational mission statement and empower them to realise their larger purpose and contribute to more meaningful, sustainable activities. 

Empowering flexible working practices in a hyperconnected world

With a global hybrid/remote workforce as the everyday reality of most organisations, flexibility is a value that simply cannot be done with. Leaders today must continuously mine opportunities to build connections and create desirable working practices in a hyper-connected world so that their people can easily maintain a work-life balance while being productive. This also entails being actively involved in the overall employee lifecycle and creating moments that matter, while also facilitating easy communication and support in small and big ways. Even when employees work far away from the base location of the company, the workplace should feel like home. 

Crafting spaces for collaboration, ideation and team-building

Employee engagement can be challenging especially for a dispersed, distributed workforce as well as an in-office workforce accommodating to the rapid disruptions in the economy. As organisations champion the cause for innovation and embrace the future of work, one cannot forego the importance of building authentic relationships at the workplace. Leadership has a critical role to play in this aspect and strategies and solutions have to be devised to ensure collaboration and ideation happen among teams spread across regions.

Championing a holistic well-being narrative and practice 

Burn-out, stress and fatigue especially digital fatigue continue to haunt employees in a business landscape marked by the great power shift where change happens at an accelerated pace and there is increasing pressure to be productive and innovate. But in such a climate, businesses have to indeed step back and re-look at the well-being practices in their workplace. It has to become a core element of their overall EX strategy because, at the end of the day, employees look for employers who care. 

Investing in continuous skill development and growth opportunities

A stagnant job role is not one for employees today, who are active learners ready to thrive in a business landscape driven by an evolving skill demand. From skill-building opportunities to a robust reward and recognition framework, organisations today need to repeatedly showcase how people can grow in their roles and what are the doors that get unlocked as they continuously upskill themselves at the workplace. A work culture that champions employee growth journeys will inevitably be one step closer to designing that desirable EX.

Leveraging solutions to design efficient, streamlined workflows

Digital transformation is core to any HR, especially EX strategy today. So not only to heighten productivity and enable employees to lead more strategic endeavours but investing in the right HR tech solutions becomes fundamental to crafting and curating a hyper-personalised EX. It also generates greater autonomy at the workplace and brings us back to strengthening flexibility and collaboration at the workplace with spread-out teams. And at PM EX Indonesia, we bring you some of the best solutions in the market. 

If you’re looking to thrive in the future of work, take a new turn in your EX strategy and make the leap from EX to 10X with jam-packed expert insights and success stories, then People Matters EX Indonesia is the place for you. Register now and redesign your EX with the best minds on November 3 at JW Marriott, Jakarta. 

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