Article: HR digitization in organizations – transform like our superheroes

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HR digitization in organizations – transform like our superheroes

This article takes cues from the digital transformation of superheroes to throw light on the significance of digitization of Human Resource (HR) models in organizations.
HR digitization in organizations – transform like our superheroes

Were you an avid comic-book reader in your childhood days? Were you captivated by superheroes, their powers, and their charisma, and wanted to become like them? Well, I certainly was, and I am still awestruck by the magnetism of the Avenger superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk. What fascinates me more is that these superheroes have digitally transformed themselves over the years. They have radically changed the portrayal of fighters or avengers in today's digitized world.

Digital Transformation of Superheroes

Our superheroes have transformed themselves from comic book characters to digital sci-fi role models. They have realized that technology is changing in a blink of an eye, and so is the viewer’s interests. Therefore, they altered themselves to focus more on the user experience and innovation. The Iron Man transformed himself from a typical metal suit to a high-end suit from Mark 1 to Mark 85 with Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology. Thor, the Asgardian God who started with a hammer, now possesses a storm breaker and hammer both. Captain America, the super-soldier of World War II, replaced his round shield with an upgraded Vibranium shield. Lastly, Hulk, the soft-spoken scientist, got exposed to gamma rays and turned into a  green monster. These transformations resulted in the digital integration of these dominant Avenger superheroes and enhanced their acceptance.

HR Digitization – Time to Be an Avenger Superhero!

The present HR models of organizations are functioning on archaic principles. There lies an immense scope of leveraging digital technology to make fundamental changes in the HR systems and make them data-driven and automated. It is high time that we become the Avengers of our organization. We must focus on scaling the HR systems by deploying digital analytic techniques in payroll, recruitment, performance management, and rewards and recognition.

Top six digital HR solutions -

  • Integrated HR Cloud storage 
  • Chatbots and AI-powered Recruitment tools
  • Software to track job applications (ATS) and to manage employee payroll, leaves, training, and performance 
  • Collaborative Suites
  • Real-time Virtual Reality model and interactive HR dashboards 

The above HR digitization solutions reap the following benefits to the organizations -

Enhanced Workforce Productivity

Workforce Productivity is the biggest challenge in the prevailing pandemic situation. Costs are at an all-time high, people are operating from their homes, and the limited communication between managers and their team members is causing employee disengagement. Hence, it is important to set right and agile goals. Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a digital goal-setting technique to set aspiring goals with quantifiable results. It aids in tracking employee performance, enhancing engagement, and maximizing their work productivity.

Hiring The Right People for The Right Job         

Digital technology acts as a ‘talent scientist’ and plays a significant role in addressing the talent war. It eliminates the odds of bad hires and non-value-added activities of HR personnel. Artificial Intelligence and blockchain-based digital HR solutions authenticate the candidate's profile and perform background checks. It also validates their job fitment based upon the relevant experience, competencies, and interests. Digitization thus enables faster sourcing, onboarding, and better hiring conversion.

Real-Time Communication for Enhanced Employee Experience       

Providing a fully immersive employee experience through virtual reality is the future of HR. The computer-generated interactions (such as video conferencing) facilitates real-time connection with the employees and the leadership. Virtual reality training programs provide an enriching learning experience to the employees. Digital devices create an open and automated work culture that provides an enhanced employee experience.

In line with the plot of ‘The Avengers - Endgame’ movie where all the superpowers gathered to win from the super-powerful Thanos,  it's time for us to be ready for the future. We need to digitize our HR models to give a better employee experience and reap higher work productivity.


Business owners now recognize that digitization is the key to success in the journey ahead. Just as our superheroes digitally transformed themselves, we must also lead our organizations to the path of digitization. Deploying digital solutions to HR systems and processes will pave the way to fitting recruitment, enhanced employee productivity, and effective communication. Hence, it's the right time to be the superhero of our organization.  

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