Article: Why is a tech worker similar to a chef?

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Why is a tech worker similar to a chef?

They are both the least likely to change their jobs, according to Indeed's latest data.
Why is a tech worker similar to a chef?

Career changes are a natural part of the professional journey, influenced by various factors. However, workers in the technology sector and chefs appear to least inclined to switch careers, according to the findings of global jobs portal Indeed.

The study found that certain occupations exhibit lower rates of career change. In particular, professionals working in the technology sector were found to be among the least likely to consider a switch in careers during 2022. Only a mere 17 per cent of job seekers, specifically those identifying as full-stack developers or Java developers, showed interest in positions outside the tech industry.

Similarly, senior software engineers displayed a reluctance to explore alternative career paths, with only 20 per cent indicating interest in other professions. Front-end developers and Android developers also demonstrated a strong attachment to their respective fields, with only 21 per cent and 25 per cent respectively expressing a willingness to explore different career options. These findings suggest strong sense of professional commitment and contentment within the tech community. 

Another industry where professionals displayed a remarkable degree of loyalty was the culinary field. Among sous chefs, only 25 per cent of clicks were for jobs outside the food preparation sector, while head chefs demonstrated a similar commitment, with just 26 per cent of clicks directed towards non-culinary positions. This data underscores the dedication and passion that chefs have for their craft. 

One common factor observed among occupations with low outclick rates is the presence of high barriers to entry. These professions often demand significant accumulation of experience, education, and training in order to establish a successful career. 

This long-term commitment may reflect the deep passion that these workers have for their chosen professions, as well as the sacrifices they have made along the way. Additionally, it is possible that individuals in these fields are motivated to avoid "wasting" their investments by switching out of the sector. 

Callam Pickering, APAC Senior Economist at Indeed, emphasised that career changes are a natural and significant aspect of the professional journey, influenced by a variety of factors such as higher pay, career progression, personal experiences, and external circumstances like redundancy, health, or relocation.

“Understanding these dynamics is essential for job seekers and employers as they navigate the evolving job market landscape,” he said.

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