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Top stories from PeopleMatters TV

Hear from the experts who have appeared on PeopleMatters TV in 2018 and find out the trends that you missed.
Top stories from PeopleMatters TV

The year 2018 saw HR leaders, technology experts and people strategists from all over the world, virtually get together to discuss the challenges faced by business leaders today. Conversations around building a multi-generational workforce, managing change in the global workplace and redefining employee experience through agile strategies are some aspects of the evolving HR industry that have caught the attention of several expert panelists on PeopleMatters TV.

Let’s take a look at some of the major episodes from the weekly PeopleMatters TV shows.

Gearing up for the new gen workforce

As recruiters move to social media to breathe in the same air as millennials and GenZs, HR leaders’ campus hiring strategies undergo some major changes, according these panelists. Finding new sourcing channels to reach new talent in a phygital way and positioning the company brand in a way that it appeals to the needs and dreams of the new generation can help businesses to hire and retain young talent. Most millennials are looking for something more than a 9 to 5 job.

Read on to know how HR leaders can transform their hiring strategies to acquire the right talent from the newer generations keeping in mind their expectations of meaningful work and flexibility.

Identifying, measuring and skilling HiPOs to become CEOs

Building a skilled C-Suite is crucial for HR professionals who were a part of this panel discussion. It starts out with using the right metrics to identify how existing high potential individuals might perform if placed in leadership role. Capability building was a major challenge faced by several HR leaders. Panelists on this particular episode recommended using data analytics and performance predictors in order to tap into the existing pool of talent.

Check out this article to get some quick tips for CHROs in order to build their succession plan for the upcoming year!

Demystifying HR analytics: Descriptive to prescriptive and predictive analytics

Aligning people metrics with business was cited as a major concern of 2018 by HR leaders across the board. It is precisely why a few expert panelists got together to shed some light on prescriptive and predictive HR analytics and how to think, speak and live HR analytics while striking the right balance between meeting business goals and ensuring the growth of the employees.

Here’s a recap of a panel discussion from 2018 that covered the topic of using data analytics efficiently in a business. It also highlights the need of the hour to move to a more proactive approach of using analytics in the HR world.

Redefining employee experience by being more creative and agile

Improving the employee experience is imperative for the seamless functioning of businesses in a dynamic world of evolving demands. PeopleMatters TV panelists discuss the implications, challenges, and opportunities that affect the employee experience aspect of running a successful organization.

Read on to understand how agile strategies need to be taken into consideration in order to put the employee experience filter while looking at various aspects of work.

PeopleMatters TV is a weekly web series that brings global leaders together on a platform to discuss how the HR function and its different verticals are transforming to adapt to the new needs of business & leveraging the power of technology. To register for the upcoming sessions, register here

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