Article: How to build a competitive resume according to the new normal?

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How to build a competitive resume according to the new normal?

In this new normal where technology is taking over, more and more companies are using digital tools to screen applicants.
How to build a competitive resume according to the new normal?

10 seconds that is all a recruiter spends looking at your resume & deciding to shortlist your application or reject it. Did you know that on an average over 200 applicants who apply for a job on LinkedIn? Your resume is the most important aspect of your job search. 

In this new normal where technology is taking over, more and more companies are using digital tools to screen applicants. We now know that 50% of the resumes get rejected even before a recruiter sees them. So, the big questions are how do you cut through the pile of resumes? How do we make your application stand out? And most importantly how do you overcome the technology tools & get noticed by recruiters?

Clearly your resume plays a super important role in all of this. Your resume is the first thing that allows the recruiter to experience YOU. Your resume is a summary of your career & helps the recruiter decide if they want to talk to you & take your application to the next level. So, getting your resume right is absolutely critical. Here are some things you should keep in mind when applying to a job or making your resume. 

Customize your Resume

Most candidates just send out the same resume to all the jobs they want to apply for. This is a sure way to ensure you fail in your job search. When you apply for a position, remember to customize your resume to that position. Sending a generic resume is a sure way of ensuring you are not invited for an interview. Customize your resume according to the requirements and responsibilities mentioned in the job description. In fact use the words in the job description in your resume will ensure your language is aligned to what they are looking for in a candidate. Remember hiring managers have a good idea of the person they are looking to hire, and your resume should match that to help you get noticed. 

Ensure a Clean Resume Layout & Format

Some candidates use fancy layouts & add multiple colors & fonts making the resume difficult to understand. You resume layout needs to be eye-catching ; however it must have a clear flow & a clean layout. End of day the resume must be easy to read, easy to understand & it must give enough information to the recruiter to select the resume & shortlist you for an interview.

Always do a Spelling & Grammar Check

You don’t want to be noticed for the wrong reasons! You must ensure your resume has no typos or language errors. Ensure you use a tool like Grammarly or a spell check before sending it out to recruiters. Recruiters reject resumes when they find errors in them. Make sure you double-check your resume. An error-free resume increases your chances of getting noticed and is an important component for you to focus on. 

Use numbers and data 

Most candidates often mention the roles & responsibilities of their work experience. This is not a great way to put your best to the recruiter. If you want your resume to stand out from the crowd include numbers, metrics & data along with the text. Adding data & numbers to your resume will make your application more credible to the recruiter Numbers and metrics are bound to catch the recruiter’s attention and give them another reason to spend more time on your resume. Focus on your results and share your accomplishments using data and numbers. Numbers improve your probability of getting shortlisted by over 30% so make sure you use them effectively.

Make your resume ATS proof 

Focus on a layout and make sure your resume can be easily read by the hiring manager. You have limited space on your resume so make every word on your resume counts. Put text that is important and use bullet points to emphasize them. Ensure you are using the keywords that are being used in the job description or job post.  Try to avoid using colors, multiple fonts or even pictures. The simple way to beat the Applicant Tracking System or ATS is to include select keywords from the job description or job post that you are responding to in your resume. If you cannot find ways to include all the keywords, use a “Skills Section” and add the words into your profile. Once you do this there is no ATS that will ever reject your resume!


Having an impactful resume is essential for you to be successful in your job search. Your Resume is your first impression to the recruiter, & you should do everything to make it count.  

Remember the recruiter is looking for information that tells them you are the right candidate for the job. That should be your focus to provide enough information that the recruiter can get easily & make the decision to call you in for an interview to find out more about you.

Follow the tips above and I am sure that next time you are applying for a job you will surely get noticed. I can’t wait to hear your success stories. Wish you the very best in your job search!

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