Article: Five in six employees feel disconnected at work: Accenture study

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Five in six employees feel disconnected at work: Accenture study

The study also delves into the concept of ‘Omni-connectedness’ where employees can experience a level playing field of full participation and equitable connection with their work.
Five in six employees feel disconnected at work: Accenture study

Recent research by Accenture has revealed that five in six people feel disconnected at work, especially the on-site employees, who feel the least connected of all. The global study headied by Accenture discusses the aspects of ‘Omni- connectedness’ and how it can solve the discord among employees and bring them fully onboarded with the company’s vision. According to the study, this solution can provide organisations with a 7.4% revenue growth boost per year.

The Accenture study, which surveyed 1,100 C-level executives and 5,000 workers across skill levels around the world in mid-2021, questions the assumption that working only on-site makes people feel more connected. 

According to the research - 

  • 42% of on-site workers say they feel “not connected” 
  • 36% employees ‘not connected’ in hybrid
  • 22% employee ‘not connected’ remotely

While in-person time is vital, physical proximity that lacks leadership support, flexibility, technology or sense of purpose doesn’t necessarily translate into people feeling deeper connections to their work and to each other.

The high level of disconnection observed among the employees further reinforced the resistance of workers who are not so eager to return to their offices, noting that while top bosses promote going back to the office as an endeavour that “boosts creativity and innovation,” the reality for employees paints an entirely different picture.

According to the study, only 17% of the respondents felt they were benefiting from omni-connected experiences at work. Rest are still reeling with the disconnected attitude among the employees and the management.

“Part of the reason so many workers, especially those who are in the office full-time, are so disconnected is because they feel ignored by senior management,” Accenture’s Chief Human Resource Officer Ellyn Shook said.

Shook also added that what employees really want is a 'choice'.

Unlocking omni-connectedness 

As per the research, there are four key actions leaders can follow that can unlock the ‘omni-connectedness’ value for their people and business  - 

  • Instill modern leadership - Lead by active listening first and following those commitments with action. 
  • Grow a thriving culture - Leaders should keep in mind that people who see a clear line from their work to company purpose are more connected and fulfilled. 
  • Enable the agile organisation - Leaders need to expand the notion of flexibility to also consider when and how individuals work best. 
  • Empower people through technology - Building a robust technology foundation in the cloud is the first step and next is to empower employees to experiment and explore emerging technologies like the metaverse.

Christie Smith, Global lead for Talent & Organisation, Accenture, said, “Leaders are focused on accessing, creating and unlocking their people’s full potential, and are realising that this is an opportunity to reassess their cultures and ways of working. By creating an environment where the focus is on connection, communication and fostering trust, leaders are signalling that their people’s time and talent are respected and valued, which our research shows pays dividends in terms of revenue and productivity.”

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