Article: Ex Indonesia: Learn people management tips to create a great employee experience

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Ex Indonesia: Learn people management tips to create a great employee experience

Looking to improve your talent acquisition efforts and increase employee retention rates? People Matters is here to assist you with its employee experience conference like no other - EX Indonesia!
Ex Indonesia: Learn people management tips to create a great employee experience

Now more than ever the war for talent has companies of all sizes focused on creating compelling employee experiences. The purpose is not only to help leaders attract top talent but also to prevent current star performers from exploring outside opportunities. After all, companies today can’t get by just offering basic benefits like PTO and health insurance, they must go above and beyond and provide employees with an exemplary experience in the workplace.

If you’re wondering how, People Matters is here to help! With EX Indonesia, which is our EX conference, leaders, CEOs, CHROs and key stakeholders will have an opportunity to ace their employee experience while creating an impact on the business growth. One of the biggest initiatives of its kind, the progressive, thought-provoking EX Indonesia conference will allow you to gear up for the great power shift where extraordinary minds come together to build a new era of employee experience.

Prior to the conference, let’s discuss the challenges that leaders face in creating a great employee experience and understand how EX Indonesia conference will help you. 

Lack of actionable insight 

Several companies often use tools from employee satisfaction surveys to establish cross-function feedback panels. While these are well-intentioned, implementing multiple techniques can lead to difficulty in drawing cohesive actionable insights that may make a difference to the employee experience. To find a sound actionable approach, our spectacular line-up of speakers, including Vikram Sinha, Wafa Taftazani, Yussy Santoso, Wiwik Wahyuni, Clarissa Rizky Rosyani and others will share the many ways organisations can accomplish this. 

Not implementing the apt tech tools 

It’s a known fact that technology has an immense impact on the employee experience. The right kind of tools enables employees to finish their work efficiently and effortlessly, but inefficient tech tools can lead to more problems. Your employees shouldn’t have to deal with burdens or constant technical difficulties. Rather, they must be equipped with modern tech tools that are user-friendly and facilitate their workflow. At EX Indonesia, you’ll learn the power of working with advanced technologies to make better decisions as we build the future of work.

Being unaware of employees' need

Other than apt tech tools, several other factors lead to an exemplary employee experience. This includes taking care of talents’ health and well-being, job security, career growth, work-life balance, recognition, etc. At this one of its kind conference, leaders will talk about how the current workforce is not interested in just looking at their employers as people who only provide them with a reasonable salary. Instead, they want the leaders to also meet other personal and professional needs.

Connection deficit 

One of the biggest issues in today’s workplace is the lack of engagement. And that’s because of the new ways we are working now. With in-office, hybrid and remote workers, it’s a must that employers ensure their employees feel engaged with their work, as well as part of the team. Because the last thing you want is for workers to feel left out. During EX Indonesia’s insightful sessions, speakers will discuss how to increase employee engagement and connection.

Not personalising workplaces 

While personalised workplaces may not have been on the list of HR leaders in the pre-Covid era, now, it’s one of the most pressing matters. After a year of working at home in a very personalised work environment, many employees may look forward to continuing personalising how they work. This can include the noise levels of the work environment or whether they like to work individually or around others. At the conference, experts will help you understand how to accommodate these individual preferences as much as possible while keeping interactions and productivity high.

Sounds exhilarating? So don't waste any more time and mark your calendar to join us on this journey with over 30 unmissable sessions that help you design much richer and more profound employee experience strategies for the new world of work. Expect the unexpected at EX Indonesia, where we prepare you for the great power shift on November 3 at JW Marriott, Jakarta.

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