Article: Holistic Wellbeing of Women with Soothe Healthcare


Holistic Wellbeing of Women with Soothe Healthcare

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Sahil joins us for an episode of People Matters Podcast to share his thoughts on the needs for holistic wellbeing of women.
Holistic Wellbeing of Women with Soothe Healthcare

" According to the UNICEF data, 23% of women drop out of school in puberty. We also see that the workforce participation rate of women versus men is dismal and declining," said Sahil Dharia, CEO and Founder of Soothe Healthcare. 

He noted that at the core remains the actual menstrual hygiene and the physical well being of a woman's body,

He further added less participation of women in the workforce has an economic burden besides the social ones. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, the parity between participation of women and men can boost up the Indian GDP by about 26%. 

Yet in another study the UNICEF found that 75,000 women die out of cervical cancer each year in India, while 1,50,000 are diagnosed with the disease. 

Sahil also stated that prior to the pandemic, even remote working was not trusted by many leaders. However, with the onset of the pandemic, people started realising that work can be done from home much more conveniently and that women can increasingly participate in the workforce through this process. As an effect of the same, today not only the women have to juggle between work and family, but also the men in the families are doing it. This has in turn helped many women come back to work from caregiving breaks. 

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