Article: 4 companies that stand out in gender representation


4 companies that stand out in gender representation

A recent report highlights four companies for their proactive gender diversity efforts, showcasing significant representation across workforces, boards, and supplier networks.
4 companies that stand out in gender representation

A report from JUST Capital has highlighted the gender diversity efforts of four major companies - Citigroup, Accenture, General Mills, and The Hartford. These companies are recognized for their commitment to transparency and measurable progress in gender diversity. The report highlighted their proactive approach, which involved not only disclosing data related to women in their workforces, boardrooms, and supply chains but also consistently working to enhance these figures.

All four companies achieved notable gender balance, with approximately 50% female representation within their workforces. Both Citigroup and Accenture exhibited significant female representation in their boardrooms, exceeding 40%. These companies also have women in prominent leadership roles, according to the report.

During the pandemic, women were disproportionately affected by layoffs, particularly in the hospitality industry. Additionally, many women took on caregiving responsibilities for their families.

Government data reports that the women’s labour force participation rate in the US has rebounded to approximately 57.4% as of July 2023, a significant increase from the figure of 57.9% in February 2020.

The four companies analyzed had gender-balanced workforces, boards with over 40% female representation, and disclosed spending with women-owned suppliers. 

Citigroup's Global Diversity Strategy has resulted in a strong representation of 53% women, achieved through strategic hiring, internal promotions, and retention initiatives.

General Mills revealed a substantial 45% women board representation and transparent 50% workforce representation, coupled with a detailed breakdown of roles across seniority levels.

Accenture stands out with gender parity, boasting 50% women on their board and 47% in their workforce.

The Hartford has made significant strides towards gender equality, with 40% of women on their board and 61% of women in their workforce. Additionally, they have invested $15 million in women-owned suppliers and updated their pay equity goals.

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