Article: Top 25 companies 2017 by LinkedIn: Where India wants to work

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Top 25 companies 2017 by LinkedIn: Where India wants to work

Here is the list of top 25 companies 2017 presented by LinkedIn , where India would like to work . Flipkart snagged the first position , while Amazon second. Read on the complete list.
Top 25 companies 2017 by LinkedIn:  Where India wants to work

LinkedIn came out with the list of top 25 companies 2017, where India would like to work. The top companies were identified by LinkedIn data team who minutely observed actions taken by LinkedIn's 500+ million members.  Along with global editorial team, they evaluated the actions and added score ranking of the winners in each country. LinkedIn methodology took into consideration three factors- job applications , both views and applies on postings; engagement, with employees as well as with the company directly; and retention, how many employees are sticking around for a year or longer. Also, the analysis were run on companies with over 500 employees and time period of past 12 months ending in February was taken into consideration. 

Following is the list top 25 companies in India: 

Rank 1: Flipkart

Flipkart bagged the first position for second year as well. Though company faced some tough challenges in past few months, successfully it managed to secure a record $1 billion in funding. Also, the company plans to hire 3,000 full-time and temporary workers this year.  Flipkart has currently has 30,000 employees (including contractors) in India. Employees with over two years at Flipkart can take a career break to pursue higher education, spend time with family or attend to a medical emergency. A personal welcome is given to each employee. On their first day, employees are picked up by chauffeur-driven cars and sent on a treasure hunt to familiarize themselves with the office.  

Rank 2: Amazon 

Rival of Rank one, Amazon snagged No.2 position. CEO Jeff Bezos gave credit to India for company’s higher than expected revenue last quarter. On investment in India, Bezos said, “I assure you that we’ll keep investing in technology and infrastructure while working hard to invent on behalf of our customers and small and medium businesses in India.” In India Amazon have more than 10,000 employees. 

Rank 3: KPMG India 

KPMG India has a client base of over 2,700 companies and provides audit, advisory and tax services.  There are 189,000 global employees. Arun M. Kumar took over as chairman and CEO of the firm in February, succeeding Richard Rekhy.  KPMG has good regional reach in India with offices in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Noida, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. 

Rank 4: One97 Communications

One97 Communications is widely known for its payment and commerce platform, Paytm.  During demonetization Paytm’s registered user base increased to over 200 million. One97 is expanding even further into the financial services space and is on the verge of launching its first payments bank.  It has employee base of 13,000. Paytm has even launched its bill payment service in Canada. It has a 55-member team in Toronto.  Company offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan to top performers irrespective of their designation or seniority. 

Rank 5: Ola

Ola in India has revolutionized urban mobility; it has launched services like shuttles, car rentals and mobile payments. The company recently launched Ola Play - that provided employees a strong sense of ownership. Total Number of employees with Ola- 6,000. It has multilingual desk mates: In addition to English, Ola employees also speak Hindi (23 percent), Kannada (5 percent), Tamil (5 percent) and Telugu (5 percent).

Rank 6: HCL Technologies

The culture of HCL can be described in one unique word- ‘Ideapreneurship’.  Company believes that every employee should be empowered to come up with great idea and the ideas suggested should be put it to practice in solving customer challenges. Number of global employees at HCL technologies are 111,000. Company recently recruited 200 high school students into an on-the-job training program for software engineers with the goal of developing a pipeline of skilled tech talent for entry-level jobs.

Rank 7: Adobe 

For US-based Adobe, India is a key innovation hub. Nearly 30 percent of the company’s research and development is centered in the country. It has been hiring rapidly in India, filling 1,500 positions in the last year. It has 4500 local employees. Adobe provides special health perks like doctors that visit campuses and provide consultations free of charge to employees and their families. It also reimburses up to 37,663 for gym memberships, fitness classes and other wellness activities. Adobe offers long-time employees sabbaticals after they reach certain milestones, from four weeks paid time off after five years of continuous service to six weeks off after 15, 20, 25 or more years at the company.

Rank 8: Alphabet

Alphabet better known for its main division, Google — has a legendary culture. The opportunity and resources employees are provided  to tackle problems big and small. A few words from the founder: “In the technology industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth areas, you need to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant,” says Larry Page. Number of global employees: 72,000

Rank 9: OYO Rooms

OYO rooms is witnessing growth in many aspects-with great expansion plans for next year , the network budget hotel closed  a $250 million fundraising round.  To achieve its set objectives, OYO will hire 4,000 employees this year. It has great first day tradition- where new employees are welcomed with nicknames ‘Warrior” or “Spartan’ to add excitement to their job on first day itself. Number of employees in India: 1,700

Rank 10: Reliance Industries

Reliance has brought transformation to the Indian telecommunications industry in the past few months through its subsidiary Reliance Jio. It backs startup accelerator GenNext Hub – helping startups to grow. Number of employees in India is more than 50,000. 

Rank 11: Capgemini

Company offers to its employees flexible working hours, reduced workweeks and generous vacation time. With number of employees in India more than 100,000, Capgemini may recruit more than 20,000 new staff this year. As an extension of its employee resource group program, company introduced the millennial innovation council. 

Rank 12: Accenture

To provide skills needed for next generation IT solutions, Accenture invested $941 million in developing workers, including training of its employees at its India delivery centers for technology. Number of employees in India: 140,000. 

Rank 13: Deloitte India 

Deloitte India offers learning and development opportunities to its employees – from online courses to mentorship programs.  Perks include transportation reimbursement so expectant mothers can comfortably get to work. Even after exit, employees remain connected through the company’s alumni network.  Number of global employees: 244,400. 

Rank 14: Tech Mahindra 

Company offers flexible scheduling and chances to work from home. It has luxurious offices - corporate campuses resemble resorts with gardens, expansive gyms and even swimming pools. Number of global employees: more than 117,000. 

Rank 15: Swiggy 

Swiggy plans to increase its staff by 30% in the next year. The company’s new corporate office includes- games room, stocked-up pantry, nap rooms and a cozy little library. Employees get food cards, which are loaded with cash each month. Number of employees: more than 1,000. 

Rank 16: Cisco 

Cisco recently sealed a $3.7 billion deal to buy App Dynamics. In 2016 its employees logged over 227,000 volunteer hours, and the company gives staffers five paid days to do volunteer work. Number of global employees is more than 73,000

Rank 17: IDFC Bank

IDFC Bank employees benefit from perks even before the first day of the job.  New hires receive a pre-loaded gift card so they can have coffee with friends - telling them about their new  exciting bank  that they are about to join.  Number of local employees is 4,000. The company forecasts 1500 job openings in the coming year. 

Rank 18: Wipro 

Wipro help its employees upgrade their skills, it provided digital training for 39,600 employees last year. The company posts every open job, making it easier for employees to see available positions. Number of global employees: more than 170,000

Rank 19: Tata Communications 

Tata Communications says its culture is to build openness. The firm encourages innovation in all forms - hosting a competition that invited employees’ children to submit ideas on how tech could improve the world. Number of local employees: 8,900. The company offers flexible leave policies for employees caring for young children — and the elderly.

Rank 20: Vodafone

Vodafone embraces a culture of change. It also aims at creating fun workplace- organizing employee cricket matches, music lessons, dance classes and more activities. Number of global employees: more than 107,000. The company offers various training opportunities for employees of all skill levels.

Rank 21: Cognizant

Cognizant prides itself on a non-hierarchical culture and well-defined career paths. company says it’s “born global,” though majority of Cognizant’s employees are located in India, even though the company’s based in the U.S. and maintains operations worldwide. Number of local employees: 188,000

Rank 22: Grofers 

Grofers has 3 million app downloads on iOS and Android, and its user base is growing four-fold every month.  Grofers has Impressive backing. Its investors include SoftBank, Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global.Number of employees in India: About 2,000 (as of last June)

Rank 23: MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip employees enjoy medical insurance for their parents at no additional cost, meal allowances and fun activities like cricket matches and tambola days. Their ‘BackToFuture’ programs helps women in tech restart and relaunch their career after taking a break by offering focused mentoring and flexible work options for 24 weeks. Number of employees in India: 3,200.

Rank 24: McKinsey & Company 

Company is hiring more than 100 consultants from India’s top schools every year. McKinsey India make sure to celebrate their successes. Employees participate in outdoor retreats, sports games and weekly get-togethers. Number of global employees: 25,000

Rank 25: Oracle 

Oracle says a strong employee is defined as an ‘agility and change champion.’ Company looks for candidates that participate in its events like Oracle Open World and Oracle Code. Number of employees in India: 38,000

(Source: LinkedIn Top Companies 2017: Where India wants to work now)


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