Article: How will you work in 2024?


How will you work in 2024?

New data reveals the key trends that shaped work in 2023 and predicts the direction of work in 2024: a shift towards global collaboration, more flexibility, AI integration, and a spotlight on skills.
How will you work in 2024?

The workplace has undergone seismic shifts in recent years, from remote work to quiet quitting. Now, new research reveals the top trends that defined hiring and job seeking in 2023, offering a glimpse into the workplace of the future.

A study by Jobseeker analysed Google search data and workplace hashtag popularity on TikTok. It uncovered the top 10 trends gaining traction among job seekers and employers globally. The results signal a workplace revolution on the horizon.

Artificial intelligence dominated searches, with "AI jobs" and "AI skills" seeing massive 67% and 65% spikes respectively. As AI advances, employers want capable talent and job seekers aim to upskill. But human skills like creativity remain valued over AI's capabilities.

The drive for better work-life balance also persisted. Interest in a 4-day week rose 67%, while hybrid and asynchronous work models still drew keen interest—flexibility remains key.

Skills took priority over qualifications, with skills-based hiring up 58%. Employees “managing up” grew 47% as workers focused on impressing managers. Hiring globally jumped 47% too.

Wellness programs rose 46%. But so did boredom at work, with "boreout" rising 42%. Gen Z-led trends like "quiet quitting" took off on TikTok.

Experts say AI skills will remain in high demand in 2024. Flexibility and balance will remain the top concerns. Employers must engage talent and prioritize well-being to prevent boreout. Hiring based on skills over background will increase.

The data reveals work is becoming global, flexible, AI-powered and skills-driven. Employees expect engagement and well-being. By embracing these shifts, employers can build workplaces where top talent thrives. The trends signal a new era where work melds to the workforce, not the other way around.

Jobseeker delved into the key workplace and hiring trends of 2023, extracting insights for job seekers in 2024 by analysing the popularity of work-related terms through Google Trends.

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