Article: GREEN FLAGS: Signs that you are in the right workplace


GREEN FLAGS: Signs that you are in the right workplace

A toxic workplace causes employees undue stress and anxiety. What happens when it's the other way around?
GREEN FLAGS: Signs that you are in the right workplace

When you’re in a toxic workplace, you are at risk of feeling stressed out, burnt out, anxious or depressed. You start to worry that there may be something wrong with you because your boss is always putting the spotlight on you and giving you bad feedback. The truth is your boss is being irrationally mean or unfair. You place the blame on yourself, even if the problem is with poor management.

Unfortunately, it is common to work at a toxic organisation. Even during our grandparents’ generation, discrimination, bullying, unfair treatment, and microaggression were prevalent. We’re slowly trying to unlearn these toxic habits, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist in our times.

Nowadays, we’re aware of the signs of a toxic workplace. We arm ourselves with this information so that we can protect ourselves from it. But do you know that it’s possible to work in a healthy environment? You’re aware of “red flags” of a toxic workplace, but do you know the “green flags” that suggest you’re on the right track career-wise?

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Signs you are in the right workplace

1) You and your team are communicating well with each other.

You will rarely be surprised by new tasks that need to be done or by changes and ideas that you previously didn’t know about. The line of communication is smooth from interns and bosses. Each member is kept in the loop, and the bosses are comfortable in asking employees for ideas and solutions.

2) You don’t feel any anxiety when Monday comes near.

You actually look forward to going to work on Monday morning. But if you find yourself wanting to spend your day watching Netflix instead of working, you might need to re-think your career path.

3) You enjoy spending time with your workmates.

You don’t feel obligated to interact with others socially. You don’t feel drained every time you interact with others. You feel that you can confide in your team and trust them, and you see them as friends instead of colleagues.

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4) Your job makes you feel challenged, so you feel brave enough to take risks.

You are willing to step out of your comfort zone by testing your limits and asking for new projects. Your job keeps you sharp and stimulated, which means you are on the right career path.

5) Mistakes are accepted in your job and growth is encouraged.

Your bosses and managers will encourage you to find solutions to your mistakes instead of criticizing you unfairly. What’s more, they will also offer you opportunities to develop and grow as an individual in your job position.

Overall, a healthy workplace will challenge you to become the best version of yourself. Your managers will encourage you to grow as a human being, and you will find opportunities to advance in your career.

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