Video: A global take on the future of HR: #MyNextCurve

Strategic HR

A global take on the future of HR: #MyNextCurve

People leaders from across the world share their next curve for the future of HR.

Industry 4.0 is here. And, HR leaders are also entering their 4.0 versions! It is not just about navigating the future workplace where humans and machines will need human managers but also about upskilling the workforce in the right way in order to become future-ready for the digital age. 

As talent leaders from across the globe seize the next opportunity and tackle the next challenge in the world of work and people, here's a video that captures the forces that are redefining the role of HR in the context of the future of work and depicts insights from talent leaders on how they see their current roles transforming in the forseeable future. 

TECH may come and go. But, HR will stay forever

Talent leaders share their NEXT CURVE for the future. You can use #MyNextCurve to share your next opportunity or challenge for the Future of HR. 

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