Video: PeopleMatters TV: Developing high potentials to become the next CEOs


PeopleMatters TV: Developing high potentials to become the next CEOs

When it comes to hiring the next CEO, most look outward instead of within. A change in leadership means a major organizational transformation. Watch how panelists on PeopleMatters TV tackle the business challenges.

Strategic talent management does not just stop at training the entry-level employees to take on managerial responsibilities. It extends all the way up to the top rungs of the ladder--CEOs, MDs, CXOs and other leadership position. Identifying those individuals with a high potential of succeeding and training them to acquire the right skill set, is an HR’s responsibility. It not only puts the employee at the center of talent management but also caters to a long-term successful business returns.

Speakers on the show:

  • Dr. Ric Roi, Managing Director for Leadership & Succession, Russell Reynolds Associates, Asia Pacific, has more than two decades of international experience in talent management. His focus is on selecting CXOs and developing their talents, succession management and developing a global mindset towards managing talent.
  • Subeer Bakshi, Head- Talent Acquisition, HR Partners & Engagement, Bajaj Finserv, believes in shaping the next generation HR capabilities during the lifecycle of an employee. He specialises in managing talent through analytics and effectiveness.
  • Dr. Prince Augustin, EVP - Group Human Capital & Leadership Development, Mahindra & Mahindra brings an international experience in talent management and helping organizations transform their HR function through change management strategies. Creating a people experience is his passion and he is a part of the National Human Resource Development Network (NHRD) and the Human Capital Group of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).

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