Video: PeopleMatters TV: How to manage change? A Lesson in digital transformation

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PeopleMatters TV: How to manage change? A Lesson in digital transformation

Getting used to the changing technology is just one part of the larger puzzle. A major piece of digital transformation is mastering the art of managing change in any organization.

What does the future look like for organizational structures when the company transforms digitally? Business asks from HR leaders and expectations from employees are constantly evolving. This panel tackled some of the major challenges that the HR fraternity faces in implementing effective change management while undergoing a digital transformation.

Speakers on the panel: 

    • Laurence Smith, Global Head, Digital Transformation, who has more than 20 years of experience as Chief Talent & Learning Officer in Asia. His expertise lies in helping leaders build a “digital mindset” who are solution oriented in a rapidly transforming landscape.

    • Dr. Nattavut Kulnides, Managing Director, ADGES, a leading Thai organization. Dr. Kulnides is an expert in change management and combining the practicality of implementing digital changes in an organization along with the theoretical methodologies.

    • Miguel Charneco, Head HR and Corporate Development Asia Pacific, Piaggio an expert in spotting international HR trends and digital transformations. In his role at the vehicular giant firm Charneco handles talent management in the APAC region and builds strategies in tandem with multiple stakeholders including employer associations, chambers of commerce, World Bank, the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.

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