News: 85% of employees feel incompetent, suffer from Imposter Syndrome: Survey


85% of employees feel incompetent, suffer from Imposter Syndrome: Survey

11% of the respondents to the survey thought that they don’t deserve to be praised while 15% think that they got the job only due to employee shortage.
85% of employees feel incompetent, suffer from Imposter Syndrome: Survey

With mental health and wellbeing having surfaced as a major concern throughout the pandemic, employees have started lacking self-confidence about their adequacy and potential. According to a study conducted by The Hub Spot, 85% of employees are suffering from Imposter Syndrome and feel incompetent at work, despite having at least three years of experience in their field.

The report revealed that while 80% of the male employees suffered from the syndrome, 90% of female employees are suffering from it. However, surprisingly only 25% of the victims are aware of it.

According to a report carried out by HRD Asia, one of the most notable symptoms of the Impostor Syndrome is suffering from intrusive thoughts - a condition 48% of the report's respondents admitted to experiencing. The report states that these thoughts have made 25% believe that success is a matter of luck. While 19% think that their boss or colleagues will find out they are "underqualified," another 15% said they only got the job due to being short on candidates, while 11% don't think they deserve the praise they receive.

When asked about the remedies, the respondents noted:

  • 69% want regular positive and helpful feedback on performance
  • 44% want more open environment to discuss challenges
  • 43% believe coaching and mentors for staff will help
  • 35% said employers should provide more accessible mental health services

Commenting on this, Christine MacDonald, director of The Hub Events said, “There needs to be a wider environment of acceptance and positive reinforcement. "So when you are building a team, ensure that there is some representation. So much so that a single employee doesn't feel like they are representing their entire group of people."

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