News: Thailand to set up country’s first e-commerce park


Thailand to set up country’s first e-commerce park

The aim is to build a digitally-skilled workforce that will boost the country’s e-commerce capabilities.
Thailand to set up country’s first e-commerce park

According to Thailands’ Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) President, Surangkana Wayuparp, “About one million teenagers and about 200,000 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are being targeted to join Thailand’s e-commerce sector in 2019.”

To boost the country’s e-commerce capabilities, ETDA is establishing the country’s first e-commerce park dedicated to digital education, training, and cooperation. The park is being set up in partnership with Srinakharinwirot University. The e-commerce part will be supported by overseas agencies collaborating to create a red-tape-free channel for Thai entrepreneurs to bring their products to the global market.

Wayuparp acknowledged in media that the e-commerce park was inspired by China’s Dongguan model, which is the leading e-commerce district in China and home to about 2,000 e-commerce parks.

By 2023, the ETDA wants to have eight million workers and 1.6 million MSMEs, supported by local merchants, selling products into China – in as supported by Dongguan China Council.

Earlier in 2018, it was reported that the Thai e-commerce market is valued at US$3.5 billion and is expected to generate a revenue growth rate of 13.2 percent annually, reaching US$5.8 billion in 2022.

The Digital Thailand 4.0 program, started in 2016, has brought about a wave of opportunities for e-commerce businesses in the country. The initiative has increased internet adoption, and encouraged businesses – especially small and medium enterprises in remote areas, to use e-payments and e-marketplaces to sell local products and services.

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