News: OSM Aviation plans to cut training costs with electric planes

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OSM Aviation plans to cut training costs with electric planes

The current conventional trainer costs $110 per hour while the electric planes will cost $20 per hour.
OSM Aviation plans to cut training costs with electric planes

Norway's recruitment and training firm, OSM Aviation has ordered 60 all-electric training planes from Colorado-based aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace to cut training costs.

Partly-owned by low-cost carrier Norwegian Air, OSM currently has just over 20 planes for pilot training, mostly Cessna 172s, which it plans to phase out.

OSM Chief Executive Espen Hoeiby shared, "It costs US$110 per hour to operate a conventional trainer now. The electric planes will cost US$20 per hour.

The new changes at the training firm don't impact the training of pilots. They will receive the same training as before, and the same license that they currently get from flying conventional planes.

With the new order in place, OSM Aviation aims to expand to more countries, including the United States.

The demand for electric planes has seen an uptrend in recent times.

Last year Norway also made headlines after it announced it wanted to buy electric passenger planes to combat climate change, predicting such passenger flights by 2025 if new aviation technologies allow. 

The increased demand indicates shifting trends in the sector and opens the door of opportunities for talent in aviation space. The demand is especially high in the manufacturing space as more and more firms like OSM and countries like Norway look to invest in new aviation technologies. 

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