News: Microsoft to invest $75 Mn & create 1,500 jobs in AI, Cloud


Microsoft to invest $75 Mn & create 1,500 jobs in AI, Cloud

The money will be used to build a new office at Atlanta, Georgia, by next year and will be Microsoft's client-facing workplace that will focus on AI and cloud services, including retail space for engaging directly with customers.
Microsoft to invest $75 Mn & create 1,500 jobs in AI, Cloud

Microsoft will expand operations in Atlanta’s midtown area in a 523,000 square-foot facility in the popular Atlantic Station district. The facility, which will include a retail area, is slated to open in the summer of 2021 and can create 1,500 new jobs in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud space.

"Atlanta has a rich culture and history of innovation, making it a unique place for tech growth," said Terrell Cox, general manager, Microsoft.

"We are excited to expand our presence and further engage with the community and surrounding region, contributing positively to technical opportunity, digital fluency, and economic development," Cox added.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has also emphasized on being ‘Learn-it-all’. The company appreciates people who are curious, resourceful and willing to fail, understanding that insights from failure lead to future success. While the word deals with the COVID-19 pandemic and most companies struggle to ensure business continuity, Microsoft is looking to grab onto the opportunities of increased digitization caused by the same crisis. The demand for AI and cloud services is rising and will continue to increase as companies look to digitize their workplace as well as business. Internal and external communications are already being done virtually and this trend is likely to continue even after the pandemic as people may become accustomed to it and also realize the benefits of it. 

For the workforce and the potential job seekers this time presents an opportunity to hone their skills in cloud computing and AI as they continue to be top emerging jobs. 

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