News: Global leader in AI and Machine Learning opens new office in Singapore


Global leader in AI and Machine Learning opens new office in Singapore

Digital Reasoning, a global AI and Machine Learning organization announces launch of APAC office in Singapore.
Global leader in AI and Machine Learning opens new office in Singapore

Launched in 2000, US-based Machine Learning and AI leader, Digital Reasoning has setup new office in Singapore to cater to their APAC business.

Digital Reasoning uses transformative technology to draw insights from huge volumes of human communications data for leading organizations and government agencies across the globe. With clients primarily in the banking and healthcare sector, the company offers surveillance, oncology analytics, care management software as well as analyses large volumes of data for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

To cater to their APAC business, Digital Reasoning has opened their new office in Singapore to extend seamless support to existing clients as well as expand their reach in the Asia market. The growing demand for the company’s leading communications analytics capabilities in Asia and new customer deployments drove this expansion.

Speaking of the expansion plans, John Holland, Senior VP EMEA and APAC at Digital Reasoning said, “Our expansion into Asia is a strategic investment to expand our global reach, continue serving the world’s largest banks and lead AI innovation for future customers in this market.” He further added that the Singapore office will enable them to better cater to their needs of the major financial institutions they are in business with across.

The US based company now has a presence across the globe with offices in Singapore, London, New York City, Washington, D.C. and its headquarters in Nashville, TN. 

Given the growing emphasis on AI in Singapore and the rest of SEA region, the expertise brought in by the global leader could help take AI reach in this region to the next level.

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