News: AI tech’s impact on project professionals


AI tech’s impact on project professionals

A study finds that AI is transforming the way projects are managed and project professionals need to boost their technology quotient to be ready for new technology in the market.
AI tech’s impact on project professionals

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated several sectors in a way that has radically transformed the way people will interact with technology in their workplace. According to the 2019 Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: AI Innovators: Cracking the Code on Project Performance, about 81 percent of those surveyed said their organization was being majorly impacted by AI technologies, 37 percent said adopting AI remained a top priority for their companies and project professionals, in particular, said they expected the usage of AI to rise from 23 to 37 percent in the next three years.

The major three AI technologies that are generating waves across various organizations include knowledge-based systems, machine learning, and decision management.

AI is being increasingly used in understanding the context behind data processing and assisting humans in their learning and decision making. Machine learning is proving to be instrumental in analyzing the data and building models based on pre-detected patterns and ensuring that there is minimal human intervention. Another aspect of project management wherein AI has proven useful is in creating an intelligent process based on logic and predetermined rules to automate many parts of decision making.

The question that remains to be answered is what can professionals do to gear up for this AI intervention. It is crucial that project professionals are conscious of the shifts that they need to make when it comes to managing projects and implementing their strategies. Understanding how deep learning works and how expert systems can mimic human intelligence and automate certain parts of the process can go a long way in ensuring that the project accounts for the integration of technology at a higher level than before.

A high level of Project Management Technology Quotient will be essential in order to evaluate a company’s ability to not only manage but also integrate technology as and when the project demands it.

“The time is now to start thinking about how organizations can leverage AI technologies to achieve project success,” said Michael DePrisco, VP of Global Solutions at PMI. “Since project professionals are largely responsible for helping to implement change, they will play a critical role in influencing the adoption of these technologies in their organizations.”

Organizational leaders thus must drive the change from within by encouraging the right mindset towards new technologies, promote experimentation and make sure that they incorporate data into their strategy. Cultivating new skills needs to come to the forefront of the people agenda for project-oriented companies at least.

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