News: Jobless young workers in UK returning to less secure work

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Jobless young workers in UK returning to less secure work

Among the working professionals who lost their jobs during the pandemic, a third of the 18- to 34-year-olds are taking up atypical, insecure work, as per a report by the Resolution Foundation.
Jobless young workers in UK returning to less secure work

The UK economy is slowly on its way to recovery. Bringing in some good news for the job market, the youth unemployment rate decreased from 10.5 percent to 9.8 percent from spring 2020 to autumn 2021. But is it too soon to celebrate?

A report by a think tank, Resolution Foundation has found that the young people who lost their jobs during the pandemic in the region have returned to less secure work. 

Louise Murphy, an economist at the Resolution Foundation and author of the report, said: “One in three young people who experienced worklessness during the last lockdown have returned to atypical contracts, which often means insecure work."

The problem seems to be bigger than lack of employment. The relevance of a job and its impact is in question. Moreover, the changing work arrangements and lack of security is stressing the workforce. 

“A return to the workplace, on its own, is not enough. Ensuring that young people have the confidence and knowledge to find and apply for work, and access to good quality jobs and sufficient hours, must be a priority for employers and policymakers in the months and years to come," added Murphy. 

Researchers have highlighted about two-thirds of those who lost work said they are dealing with mental health problems. Business leaders, employers, and policy makers should focus on tackling the challenge of insecure work.

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