News: China-based Group adopts a global hybrid work model

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China-based Group adopts a global hybrid work model

With the launch of a new work policy, Group to become the first internet company in mainland China to implement a hybrid work model.
China-based Group adopts a global hybrid work model Group has announced it will implement a global hybrid work model and give employees the option to work remotely on certain days each week from March 1st.

The new hybrid work model will be rolled out to employees across the travel group. Beginning with offices in mainland China, from March 1st, employees will have the option to apply to work remotely during fixed times subject to management discretion. This policy will be implemented in Group's global offices according to  local circumstances and COVID-19 protection measures.

Why did Trip.Com Group adopt a hybrid model?

The travel group experimented with the work model before implementing it for the long term. 

Prior to the official implementation of the hybrid work policy, Group conducted two large-scale, localised hybrid work trials in 2010 and 2021. Each of the trials focused on  different groups of staff and working models. The 2010 trial, which saw volunteers work from home for periods, showed an increase in participant work performance and a decrease in  labor turnover rates. 

The most recent hybrid work trial began in August 2021 with over 1,600 participants. 

The results of the work trials indicated a more engaged and productive workforce. 

“The promotion of hybrid working is a multi-win for companies, employees and society. Not only does it improve employee satisfaction without compromising efficiency, it also helps reduce traffic congestion and environmental protection; alleviates high housing prices and regional disparities; and contributes to families, female career development and higher fertility rates,” said James Liang, Chairman of the Board at Group. 

After nearly six months of the trial, employees' willingness to participate rose to nearly 60%, and the turnover rate dropped by about one-third with no significant impact on performance.

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