News: 63% of employees fear contracting Omicron at the workplace: Study

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63% of employees fear contracting Omicron at the workplace: Study

A new study reveals persistent fears surrounding Omicron and the growing demand from employees returning to the workplace to mandate vaccination and booster shots.
63% of employees fear contracting Omicron at the workplace: Study

A recent study by Eagle Hill Consulting has revealed evolving employee preferences as the global population strives to curtail the ongoing wave.

The 2022 Eagle Hill Consulting COVID-19 Vaccines and the Workplace Survey has put the spotlight on strong employee opinions shaping workplace safety protocols as some regions move back to hybrid from remote work. According to findings, over three-quarters (78%) of employees believe companies should encourage or require their workforce to get vaccinated.

While over three-quarters of the global workforce urges mandatory vaccination, more than half (56%) insist on mandatory booster shots. Researchers attribute these numbers to the recent Omicron surge in the US. In fact, 63% of employees fear Omicron specifically will impact them at work. The study found that more than half of US workers have increased anxiety about going into the office, with 55% calling for employers to put return-to-work plans on pause.

In the last year, with more and more organisations implementing a hybrid work arrangement, and calling employees back to work in batches, there was a debate around mandatory vaccination. However, the recent surge has tilted the scales with a growing number of employees supporting such mandates. In fact, 47% are in favor of higher insurance rates for those unwilling to get the vaccine, up from 41% in 2020.

Further, employees are still in favour of safety measures such as social distancing (84%), masking (82%), temperature checks (72%) and regular testing (60%) at the workplace. Despite hints at the ongoing wave withdrawing, employees remain firm on requiring safety measures at the workplace.

“From vaccine and booster mandates to masking and social distancing requirements, most workers continue to look to their employer to stay engaged in COVID-19 precautions,” said Melissa Jezior, CEO of Eagle Hill Consulting.

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