News: Singapore-based startup BIGO Technology to create 1,000 jobs

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Singapore-based startup BIGO Technology to create 1,000 jobs

In addition to the India centre, BIGO will also open two more regional research centers - one in the US and another in the MENA.
Singapore-based startup BIGO Technology to create 1,000 jobs

Bigo Technology, a Singapore-based startup is eyeing expansion by opening regional centers in India, the Middle East and the US by the end of the year. 

It is reported that the company is investing over US$500 Mn into developing these hubs.

BIGO is an internet technology company, which has over 40 patents in VoIP/Video related technology with 60 pending patents in the pipeline. 

In its first phase of expansion, the company shared will invest US$100 Mn for the first three years in India first. The investment is expected to create over 1,000 jobs in the country and create cross-country learning opportunities for both Singaporean and Indian employees.

The company shared in media that it is looking to create close to 200 jobs for AI (artificial intelligence) developers and engineers in Singapore.

With its expansion in India, the US and the Middle East, BIGO Technology aims to bring the total number of offices to 20 regional offices and four regional centers by the end of 2019.

Co-founder and Chief technology officer Jason Hu shared in media, "We have set our sights on expanding into India as the first region of three. India will act as a complementary center to Singapore's research and development center. This bold step is the first of its kind for BIGO, and a testament to the growing need for overseas centers as our user base grows."

BIGO Technologies had received Series-D funding of USD 272 million in June 2018. It has built a team of over 100 artificial intelligence experts and engineers.

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