News: 39% workforce in Singapore looking out for a switch

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39% workforce in Singapore looking out for a switch

A recent Randstad study reveals that two out five employees in Singapore are looking out for a new job.
39% workforce in Singapore looking out for a switch

A new research by Randstad, “Employer Brand Research 2019,” reveals that two out of every five employees in Singapore (39 percent), plan on looking for another job this year.

The study shows that 43 percent of millennials are looking to make the shift in jobs. Next to millennials in willingness to look for new employment are employees from Generation X, those born in the 1960s through the 1980s. 41 percent of Gen Xers say they are planning on switching jobs.

For a big portion of these employees, a “limited career path” is the main reason why they want a new job. While 33 percent millennials mentioned that they would apply for jobs with firms that give strong training program for career and skills development, 38 percent of GenX population voted flexibility and strong management as attractive aspects of good employment.

According to Jaya Dass, the managing director of Randstad Singapore and Malaysia, “Younger people do not mind working in the office as it places them in an environment where they can be most productive since they will have easy access to resources as well as people to exchange ideas with.”

The areas where there are the biggest gaps between employee expectations of ideal employers and the expectations of what firms actually offer are work-life balance and the use of the latest technologies.

The study also noted that 31 percent of Singaporean employees consider resigning in situations wherein they are are not recognized or rewarded or when they feel they are not able to hit the right balance between personal life and work.

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