News: & JazzHR collaborate to speed up time to hire with AI

Recruitment & JazzHR collaborate to speed up time to hire with AI

The partnership will bring together JazzHR's hiring solution and's AI-powered technology, giving JazzHR users access to's platform. & JazzHR collaborate to speed up time to hire with AI

The rewards-based, job-matching platform, has announced a new strategic partnership with JazzHR, a recruiting solution for small businesses uses innovative technology to help organizations get the most relevant candidate applications, and it also keeps active job seekers alert about new top opportunities.

In the presence of an increasingly tight labor market, JazzHR customers will now be able to leverage these tools to competitively fill unique or challenging positions. Together, and JazzHR aim to streamline the entire sourcing process, allowing small businesses to reach more qualified candidates, faster.

"Highly technical positions are the most difficult to hire for; considering the high degree of specificity, tight deadlines and the limited pool of qualified talent, it's critical for employers to easily verify candidate credentials, pinpoint the best matches and communicate with applicants easily and efficiently," said Arran Stewart, CVO of

Hence, with's platform, their team tries to bring transparency, speed and immutable recordkeeping to every stage of the hiring process.

As part of the partnership, will be promoting JazzHR exclusively to its startup and SMB clients who need recruiting assistance.

Speaking about the new partnership,'s Head of Partnerships Illan Bitton said, "We have big expectations for this new venture with JazzHR, and have both worked really hard to make this strategic partnership one that can most effectively address the SMB Market."

Even JazzHR's team is thrilled about the partnership. 

Allie Kelly, JazzHR VP of Marketing said "By giving them access to niche job boards like, we allow small businesses to find and place the candidates they need. JazzHR's goal is to continue to give SMBs the best possible recruiting and hiring experience we can provide, and our partnership with only strengthens this."

In the recruitment technology landscape, AI has been strengthening its position for a few years now. The HR tech providers are increasingly exploring the opportunities the technology presents.

From pre-employment assessments, conversational chatbots, or video interviewing tools, for instance, the presence of AI can be felt in every phase of recruitment.

As more and more people discover the possibilities of AI, technology, and automation at large, more and more startups in the Recruitment Tech space come up.

In candidate screening, in particular, there are many players like Mya, Olivia (Paradox), AllyO, Ari, Ideal, and goHire. All of these emerging startups, deal with candidate screening and experience technologies and leverage automated chatbot technologies to automate candidate screening. and JazzHR compete with these other startups in the space. And to compete with these other players in the recruitment tech market and stand their ground, the two of these startups have to continuously innovate. They have to work towards keeping their solutions as unique as possible. Their ability to market themselves and position themselves as leaders in the space will also determine their future.

The partnership between the two of them might be beneficial to foster the growth of each one of them. But how and when it happens, only time will tell. 

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