News: Brazil shows highest hiring positivity rate of 40% in 2022 Q2: Report


Brazil shows highest hiring positivity rate of 40% in 2022 Q2: Report

The survey has been conducted across more than 41,000 employers across 40 countries and territories.
Brazil shows highest hiring positivity rate of 40% in 2022 Q2: Report

According to a survey conducted by ManpowerGroup, the optimism towards hiring continues to grow. The study revealed that the Net Employment Outlooks (NEO) of +29% is anticipated for Q2 of 2022, a considerable increase year-over-year yet moderate decrease quarter-over-quarter, +20% and -7%, respectively.

According to the official communique, 39 out of the 40 countries covered in the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey showed that the increase in demand for skilled workers is continuing. 

The hiring recovery already underway continues to carry momentum into April – June, with the North America region reporting the most optimism (+38%).

While outlooks improve year-over-year in 36 countries, hiring sentiment weakens compared with Q1 2022 in Taiwan, Greece, Romania and Poland. 

Large organizations (250+ employees) report bullish hiring intentions (+35%) to fully participate in the economic global recovery that’s underway.

Commenting on the survey, Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup’s Chairman and CEO said, "Labor markets around the world are looking strong for Q2, with hiring outlooks back at pre-pandemic levels in most countries."

Regional Reflection

The study revealed that out of the surveyed companies and leaders, 46% of the respondents are looking forward to hiring in Q2 while only 16% expect staff decrease. Also, while 35% expect the workforce to steady, 3% is still undecided on this. 

Though Brazil showed the highest level of optimism (40%), employers in North America (+38%) reported the most positive outlook followed by South and Central America (+35%), APAC (+28%) and EMEA (+22%). In the list of the top five countries showing a positive approach towards hiring, Brazil is followed by Colombia, India, Mexico and Sweden with all the countries reflecting a 38% positivity rate. 

On the other hand, Greece (-2%), Poland (+5%) and Japan (+6%) reported the weakest rate of hiring prospects in Q2. 

The strongest year-over-year improvements are reported in South Africa (+40%), Panama (+36%), and Peru (+36%), while the strongest quarter-over-quarter improvements are reported in Singapore (+11%), South Africa (+9%), and Sweden (+4%).

Compared with Q1, 2022 hiring intentions improve in 2 countries, a decline in 17, while remaining unchanged in 1, Greece.

Industry-Specific Reflection

Employers in Sweden report the strongest outlook of 38%, up 4% since last quarter with strongest expectations in Mellansverige and most optimistic outlooks in the Not-for-Profit sector.

Organizations in France report an outlook of 23%, down 3% QoQ, with the most optimistic hiring intentions in IT & Tech.

In Brazil, Expectations were strongest in Wholesale & Retail Trade (+58%). U.S. employers anticipate strong spring hiring (+35%), especially in the IT, Tech and Media Industry (51%) and in the Western Region (42%) of the country.

The strongest regional hiring prospects are reported in India (+38), anticipating staffing climate

gains for all sectors, especially IT, Tech and Media (+51%). Australian employers report the third strongest outlook (+28%) since the survey began 14 years ago, with the most optimism to hire in the Not for-profit industry (+40%).

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