News: Panther raises $2.5M to expand, hire more talent

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Panther raises $2.5M to expand, hire more talent

Investors in the round include Tribe Capital, Eric Ries, and Carta Ventures.
Panther raises $2.5M to expand, hire more talent

Panther Global announced it has raised $2.5M in seed funding to expand, hire more internal talent, and continue to provide hiring and payroll support for businesses. Investors in the round include Tribe Capital, Eric Ries, and Carta Ventures. Panther is also excited to share it will now be featured in Amazon Web Services (AWS)'s Activate Console as a resource for member companies to manage hiring and payroll for international employees. 

As remote work becomes more accepted and businesses look to hire talent around the world, Panther's platform can manage every detail of global employment, from payroll and benefits to taxes and compliance with local laws. Panther puts these functions on auto-pilot, letting companies cut through the red tape and focus on the work that matters. Years of bureaucracy turn to minutes, and subsidiaries become a thing of the past. The average cost to set up hiring in a new country is around $80,000. Panther does this for a fraction of the cost.

"Breaking borders and putting talent at the forefront of our efforts, regardless of where they are, was crucial to Panther's growth," said Matt Redler, Founder, and CEO, Panther. "Now, thanks to our global workforce hiring solution, other companies can have the same unbridled access to the world's talent pool. After an unprecedented year of remote work for many, we hope companies will be more inclined to tap into the extraordinary talent that's out there in the world, regardless of their proximity to HQ."

Panther is also featured in the AWS Activate Console, offering Activate members discounted global hiring and payroll services. By signing up for Panther, startups of all sizes can now seek out talent around the world, hire them in accordance with local laws, and manage payroll and taxes.

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