News: Singapore CPF Board names Augustin Lee CEO


Singapore CPF Board names Augustin Lee CEO

Augustin Lee replaces Ng Chee Peng as the CEO of the Singapore Central Provident Fund Board. He will assume the new role from April 1, 2019.
Singapore CPF Board names Augustin Lee CEO

Ng Chee Peng, Chief Executive Officer of Central Provident Fund Board, will leave Singaporean public service after about three decades. The current Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Manpower, Augustin Lee, will assume the role of CEO of CPF Board from April 1, 2019.

Peng took on his position as the CEO of CPF Board in 2015 wherein he proved to be instrumental in helping the board in its journey of digital transformation. Under his leadership, the Singaporean government agency was able to implement PayNow. The agency conducted retirement planning campaigns and social media outreach during Peng’s tenure to create awareness about the importance of planning for life after work and the ways in which Singaporeans can use their pensions and retirement funds wisely.

Peng played a “pivotal role” in engaging with the employees and recipients of pensions etc, according to the CPF Board. Singaporeans who are members of the CPF can receive payouts from their pensions, transfer their balances to family members and expand their savings through the policies implemented during Peng’s time at the board.

Having been in the role of MOM’s Deputy Secretary since 2010, Augustin Lee will be replacing Peng on the CPF Board. His previous experience includes working in the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Trade and Industry.

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