News: Malaysia HR Leaders Circle marks historic CHRO Nexus Forum 2024


Malaysia HR Leaders Circle marks historic CHRO Nexus Forum 2024

The monumental gathering of HR and business leaders at the CHRO Nexus Forum 2024 aims to catalyse HR practices across Malaysia.
Malaysia HR Leaders Circle marks historic CHRO Nexus Forum 2024

The Malaysia HR Leaders Circle (HRLC) marked another milestone with its community during its inaugural CHRO Nexus Forum 2024. Coinciding with International HR Day, the event drew more than 250 HR leaders from Malaysia's most prominent enterprises and multinational corporations.

The CHRO Nexus Forum kicked off with a motivational opening address by Datuk Shahul Dawood, CEO of HRDC, who praised the CHROs present as influential figures in the industry.

The event showcased a series of inspiring keynote speeches, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

For his part, Professor Ric Roi from IMD Business School discussed the generation of "Future-Ready Leaders."

Subsequent panel discussions addressed topics such as:

  • Resilience in HR
  • Challenges faced by HR directors amid times of change
  • Bridging generational gaps in the workplace
  • Sustainability
  • The influence of the C-suite

Workshops also provided insights into preparing Malaysia's workforce for the future, transitions from CHRO to CEO roles, and implementing ESG practices.

Peter Cheese, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, gave a special talk titled "Nexus: The Future of Work and the People Profession."

A milestone for Malaysia's HR community

Apart from celebrating the impact of the HR profession on the business community, the event also went down in history for setting a national record.

The Malaysia Book of Records acknowledged the CHRO Nexus Forum 2024 as having the most number of CHROs in a Conference.

"By achieving a national record, we bring the human resources community into the public eye, demonstrating the vital role HR professionals play in the workforce, such as in esteemed professions like law and medicine," the HRLC said.

The CHRO Nexus Forum has established itself as a pivotal platform for HR professionals in Malaysia. The forum seeks to enhance its visibility and underline the essential role of HR. The initiative highlights HR's key contributions to talent development and the profession's value for future generations.

In recognising the community's accomplishments, the forum aims to motivate young Malaysians to view HR as a prestigious and impactful career choice.

The event received support from the biggest names in business, including Lexus, Darwinbox, Thriving Talents, UOA Academy, and KEDA.

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