News: Workplace management company SPOTLYFE raises $1Mn pre-seed funding

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Workplace management company SPOTLYFE raises $1Mn pre-seed funding

Co-founded by HR technology industry veterans Josh Schwede and Scott Fowle, the platform addresses the new reality that work and life can no longer exist separately, and siloing them drives substantial disengagement and burnout, currently fueling the "great resignation."
Workplace management company SPOTLYFE raises $1Mn pre-seed funding

Workplace management solution SPOTLYFE has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding led by Acadian Ventures and a number of strategic angels. 

The official statement reads that as employees exit the workforce in record numbers, SPOTLYFE aims at giving organisations the ability to offer their valued talent a solution that finally recognizes them as holistic individuals with work, life and wellness priorities. 

Commenting on the funding, Josh Schwede, Co-founder and CEO of SPOTLYFE, “Employee turnover is an $86 billion crisis that is costly for all involved. Behind this statistic are too many stories of great talent who choose to leave the workforce every day because they expect fluidity between work and life, and no longer tolerate the distinction of their needs as a person from their needs as an employee. Companies that do not support their talent as individuals with needs and focus beyond the workplace will continue to lose great people, and in turn, lose market share.”

If employees choose to share any insights with their managers or teams, these insights can power meaningful conversations in the workplace in order to support the employee and inspire collaboration.

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