News: ‘Trickle’ HR software gets £1 Mn in seed funding

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‘Trickle’ HR software gets £1 Mn in seed funding

An Edinburgh-based startup, Trickle, which is an HR software that enables corporates to receive employee feedback in an efficient manner, receives £1 Mn in seed funding from Techstart Ventures.
‘Trickle’ HR software gets £1 Mn in seed funding

Trickle, an Edinburgh-based startup, whose HR software enables corporates enhance to engage with employees, has secured a 1 million pound in seed funding. Their angel investors include Techstart Ventures. 

Co-founded by Paul Reid, Trickle is a platform that takes feedback from employees and carries it ‘upward’ to all the management leaders. This mechanism of upward feedback ensures that the leaders of the organization listen to the employees and have an understanding of what the employees are going through. An analytics dashboard helps the HR professionals and CXOs highlight the staff’s top five issues. 

Trickle’s clients include, the Scottish Power, the Scottish Government, Disclose Scotland and Eden Scott. Moreover, the employee engagement-focused HR software is also working with the Scottish Government CivTech program to promote people engagement. 

As far as the major appointments in the company’s leadership team include, Ross Dempster, Reid’s colleague from the former Sigma Seven Team, who has joined Trickle in the capacity of a CTO. 

“When Sigma Seven was acquired by one of the UK’s largest companies, I saw first-hand how corporate culture can impact people and I was always thinking about how I had to feed or trickle my team’s sentiments back to the new management,” said Reid, talking about the thought behind setting up an employee engagement and feedback-focused HR software. 

Marcella Peacock, COO, Trickle, highlighted that a person who is happily employed ends up being twice more productive than a dissatisfied person. Hence, culture has become the core not only for established organizations but also for burgeoning startups.

Key takeaway: 

With HR softwares becoming increasingly refined and equipped with data analytics, HR professionals are able to make better data-informed decisions and get a better understanding about their employees. It is a crucial step in leveraging people data to redefine the people policies at well-established traditional organizations and new startups. 

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