News: Costa Coffee invests in technology to manage their HR and payroll processes

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Costa Coffee invests in technology to manage their HR and payroll processes

Costa Coffee is implementing a recruitment solution to better attract, retain, and grow talent. The retailer also plans to combine payroll and time in one system, to ensure employees are paid accurately and on time with built-in support for UK-specific requirements.
Costa Coffee invests in technology to manage their HR and payroll processes

Costa Coffee is adopting Dayforce to manage their recruitment, HR and payroll processes as part of a wider people management technology transformation initiative.

Leveraging the expertise of Ceridian’s managed services teams, Costa Coffee will get a complete, managed solution to deliver accurate and timely pay to 18,000 employees within its UK retail business, Costa Express and support centre.

“At Costa Coffee, we have successfully implemented Ceridian’s Dayforce Workforce Management technology to plan and optimise staff scheduling for more than 1,300 UK coffee shops across the country. This allows our leaders to focus on supporting their teams to deliver an excellent customer experience,” shared Andrew Ratcliffe, Head of People Shared Services at Costa Coffee.

Automating the HR and payroll process has helped the retailer in some ways. So far, the level of user adoption they have seen has been decent, with more than 8.5 million mobile sessions in the last 12 months.

As the leaders at Costa Coffee started observing the positives of using tech in HR and measured the ROI, extending their use of the Dayforce platform into payroll and talent management made perfect sense to them.

By leveraging Dayforce's technology, Costa Coffee will get access to accurate, real-time and meaningful information to support its growth, following its recent acquisition by The Coca Cola Company. With a commitment to reduce waste, they will also be able to minimize their environmental impact by removing the need to print and distribute paper documentation.

The HR and payroll implementation project will start from this summer and will be carried out by Ceridian’s in-house experts alongside Costa Coffee’s project team. 

Valued at $2,601.7 Mn in 2018, the global workforce management software market is expected to reach a value of $3,327.87 Mn by 2024 at a CAGR of 4.21 percent over the forecast period (2019-2024). Introduction of IoT to workforce management software eases the job by enhancing technological capabilities and frees professionals from transactional tasks. As more and more organizations realize the need to automate the operational aspects of their jobs, the demand of workforce management software shall continue to rise and thus boost the market's growth. However, when it comes to implementing technology in HR, companies face many challenges as well. One of the biggest challenge is educating and skilling the workforce to be able to leverage these tech solutions. HR teams have to be trained to ensure optimal utilzation of these tech resources and a smooth transformation process. 

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