News: Truescope secures $6.2 Mn in seed funding

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Truescope secures $6.2 Mn in seed funding

Sydney-based Truescope inches closer to becoming a global intelligence analytics player post a successful seed funding raise of $6.2 Mn.
Truescope secures $6.2 Mn in seed funding
Sydney-based SaaS startup Truescope has secured $6.2 Mn in seed funding from venture capital firms Investible and Jelix Ventures. Founded in 2020 by industry veterans John Croll and Michael Bade, Truescope’s Cloud-based SaaS integrated platform harnesses millions of social media posts to provide immediate insights to assist its customers with reputation management, competitive intelligence and crisis communications. “My motivation came from a love of the industry, working with the right people, and really understanding that there was so much more that could be done for a communications professional - if we started from the ground up with no legacy software, we could build something great for them,” CEO John Croll told the media. Within a year of its launch in Singapore, Truescope roped in 50 clients, securing contracts amounting to $2 Mn. The knowledge of the Singapore market contributed to the numbers, admitted Croll. The startup is now looking to step foot in the US market whi...
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